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Tourist Locations and Delights Of Alappuzha May 09

Alappuzha, better known as the Venice of the East is an important tourist location in India; in fact a pearl in India’s tourist map. Rich in cultural history, Alappuzha even had trade relations with Greece and Rome in BC and in the Middle Ages. A land that veins itself with stretches of backwaters fringed by coconut palms; labyrinth of lakes, lagoons and freshwater rivers makes it an exotic tourist location.

The most delightful experience at Alappuzha is of course it houseboat cruises. The houseboats moving silent, un-disturbing the waters are the ones that evolved from the Kettuvallams of the olden times. The Kettuvallams (boats with knots) are nothing but boats held together with coir knots, they were used as rice barges capable to carry tonnes of rice or spices.

But now, these traditional barges have transformed to peaceful water-habitats with all the creature comforts of a nature inspired hotel that floats on water with facilities including furnished bedrooms, modern toilets, cozy living rooms, kitchen and balcony for angling.

Boating on these houseboats, one can enjoy a peaceful voyage along Kerala’s famed palm-lined backwaters through the quiet, water-bound villages and the state’s lush rice bowl, Kuttanad, is a peaceful dip along the simple lifestyle of the people here which is far cry away the busy crowds of the people in the cities of India. Top tourist attraction is the annual boat race, Nehru Trophy Boat Race featuring snake boats racing each other in the Punnamada lake. Read the rest of this entry »

Shore Landing Tips for Large and Small Boats Mar 26

If you own your own boat and love it to as much of a degree as anyone we know, then you’ll want to get out and about in it as often as possible.

The wonderful thing about boating is that it allows you the chance to get away from it all, out and about into a world that’s free of the stresses and hassles of modern day life – this is true whether you boat at sea or on a lake. It’s the perfect way to de-stress. Read the rest of this entry »

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6 of the Healthiest Fish you Should be Eating Mar 20

Fish remains to be very healthy protein source and people are encouraged to eat it at least twice a week for the healthy benefits that it has to offer. Oily fish especially comes with healthy brain and heart benefits thanks to the Omega 3 fats they contain. There is however fish that are not as healthy as some contain toxins and hence many people will be asking which fish types are healthiest to eat. Six of the best and most healthy fish to eat include:

1. Tuna; in this case it should be albacore tuna considering that many tuna are known to contain high levels of mercury which can be harmful to your health. Albacore tuna is usually small in size and therefore contains lower levels of the mercury making it very healthy. It has lower levels of contaminants considering that it is pole caught from the colder waters on the north. Read the rest of this entry »

Preparing Yourself for a Boating Emergency Feb 27

Boating can be a thrill for some and a relaxing separation from working life for others but unfortunately, the threat of an emergency is always the same. You never know what might happen when you find yourself in a remote part of the world in the middle of the ocean, so it’s always vitally important to come prepared on any voyage.

Emergencies could be just around the corner and could even put your life in danger at times, so it’s essential that you come fully equipped for any potential disaster. Here are some of the things you need to watch out for should you be planning a boating trip in the coming weeks. Read the rest of this entry »

Top 4 Reasons To Upgrade Your Boat Feb 12

If you own a boat or are looking to purchase a new boat, you may have been researching various features and types of boating accessories available.  Since purchasing a boat is typically an investment for most people, it may be hard to think about spending more money for your boat.  However, a tower is one feature that you should seriously consider when contemplating whether or not to upgrade or update your boat.  Here are the top four reasons you should buy a boat tower. Read the rest of this entry »

Top Three Things To Consider When Thinking About Purchasing A Boat Jan 13

umt international

There are many people who are considering to buy a boat or yacht, but very often they do not have the large picture what they will do with it or how they will use it. Before doing any decision you must ask yourself how you will use your boat, how many people you will like to sail with you, are they family members, kids, business partners, friends or you have someone else in mind… Then you will need to consider how you and your friends will use your boat? Are you going just to sail? Or you will like to go fishing sometimes? Do you consider to buy a big ship and have another smaller boat on board? Read the rest of this entry »

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5 Crewed Yacht Charter Etiquette Tips Dec 18

If you are lucky enough to spend time on a crewed yacht this winter vacation, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First of all, you don’t own the boat, so you must act accordingly – just like you would visiting someone else’s home. Essentially, you are on the captain’s boat – what he says always goes. Many people board a yacht and think just because they are paying customers that they should be allowed to do whatever they want to do, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you want to have an amazing time while aboard a yacht, you need to follow a few rules. Here are five crewed yacht charter etiquette tips.

Be nice to the crew. The crew isn’t there to serve you – they are there because they are maritime professionals. The crew is an essential part of keeping the boat running and keeping operations running efficiently. If you get sea-sick, the crew will know exactly how to alleviate your nausea. If you are not nice to the crew, they may not be nice back to you.

Wear decent shoes. You don’t want to jump on a crewed yacht with dirty shoes and you certainly don’t want to jump on with your high heels on. Not only will this be uncomfortable, but it is also rude and disrespectful. Not to mention, wearing street shoes on a yacht can cause scuffs and damages. A yacht usually has a pristine paint job that is not designed to have a bunch of people walking on it with their street shoes. What is appropriate? Socks or loafers with a soft, white sole. Moreover, try not going barefoot.

Make sure that your children are quiet and respectful. When you are aboard a crewed yacht, like the ones provided by All Rivers & Saltwater Charters, you need to know that you are not on a big cruise with complimentary daycare for your kids. If your kids are running all over the place and no one can control them, the captain may head back to the dock and kick you off the boat. So, make sure to have a talk with your children before you board the yacht, because you don’t want to wind up being “those” parents.

Don’t raid the kitchen. The kitchen in a yacht is the cook’s territory – you never want to be in the cook’s territory. When it comes down to it, the fridge is most likely packed with items that the cook will use for a meal that is included in your tour package. If you need a snack, or something to munch on, you always want to ask before you go near the kitchen.

Obey the captain at all times. When you are on a crewed yacht, you always want to make sure that you listen to the captain and heed all his warnings. A yacht can be dangerous if you do not follow the rules. So, make sure to always keep your ear out for the captain if he has any announcements. And at the end of the tour, you may want to say thank you to the captain for getting you and your family back safely.

The Best Vacation Spots to Take Your Yacht Nov 04

Taking a yacht into the open waters is one of the best ways to travel. Besides having a crew to take care of your every need, the greatest advantage is the freedom to explore places far from the focus of tourism on more exciting level.

Monaco is considered to be the unofficial capital of the international yachting community.  Nice and Canes are on the top of the list of the Hollywood jet set especially during the film festival. If you fancy something for the younger crowd you may start with Ibiza the clubbing capital of the world. If partying is not your thing, the island is full with beautiful historical places and eye catching scenery. Another great destination is Dubrovnik, a city on the cost of the Adriatic sea, offering a laid back atmosphere between the ancient walls.
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How to Pack For a Yachting Holiday? 9 Priceless Tips That Will Save You Time and Space in Your Suitcase! Oct 03

Looking at the leaves that are falling from the tree and staring at the sun that is not as powerful as it was in the summer.. As much as I love the colors of autumn, still wish I was somewhere in the ocean. On the beach maybe? No, this time I’m getting ready for a trip on a yacht. A luxury yacht for a perfect yachting holiday !

Yachting vacation

One of the many questions that are flying through my head is – what to pack for that yachting holiday? I’m sure that is one thing that always cross your mind too. So, I have some helpful advices on what to take, and what NOT to take with you, so your holiday can be perfect as you imagine it.

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Small Contemporary Yachts Design Sep 23

This modern and contemporary yacht is Sentori 58R. It is not quite small. It is 18 meters long and have three decks. The displacement of the yacht is 28 tons.

small sentori yacht Read the rest of this entry »

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