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Icon 62 superyacht review photos and images from IconYachts Aug 14

Icon 62 superyacht review from IconYachts

Icon 62 is the new bold name in the superyachts world, as we mentioned in the title. Although Icon Yachts started working recently, shipyard is founded in 2005 (few years in a yachting world is nothing),

they have made some good steps in a right direction. Icon Yachts are based in Netherlands, and their main goal is to build ultimate luxury yachts, according to the wishes of the buyers. They have dedicated themselves to the goal that Icon Yachts will be built from the keel to the top according to the highest quality standards available at the moment.

Yachts manufacturers and builders when starting a project have some important decisions to make. Some of them are building only standard yachts, when the buyer can personalize only some aspects of interior (furniture, colors…) and some outer details.

Others are building completely custom yachts and superyachts, when the future owner can enjoy all the details in the building and design process from the ground up with some of his ideas and concepts, actively participating in all the necessary steps in the process. He can choose the look and the shape of the hull, the paint, the quality of the materials used inside, the schema of the cabins inside the yacht, not to mention the inside look, style, materials and finishing touches. You wish is their command and the will even adjust the motorization options according to your wishes, as long as you are willing to pay for it. In a few words, only the sky is the limit with custom superyachts.

Icon 62 superyacht sailing away from IconYachts

Semi-custom shipbuilders are in the middle, allowing some light changes in the design; you can choose and tell your suggestions from the sea level to the top. Hull design and engine options are following the standard schemes, and in 99% of the cases are good enough for everyone. Tell them how to style the interior, the color and the wood for the furniture, inside look and gadgets of the cabins and you are completely done. Navigation options can be chosen in a few variants, but you will get everything you need.

Icon Yachts are doing it all. They will allow you to choose everything, with their expert guidelines. They know their business figures the best, but yachts over 60m (200ft) are rare and in all the cases they are almost always built separately, not in a series. But all the Icon 62m variants will use the same “optimized” platform and will share the design below the waterline, the design that has been tested in all weather and critical conditions. Left for customization is the interior space, saloons, cabins, baths, even the shape of the deckhouse and the upper hull. As a result of this super production process, they have greatly reduced the time and the cost and increased the efficiency to produce a superyacht of this type and luxury level.

Icon 62 m superyacht in dry dock from IconYachts

Except the Standard Icon 62 version, there are few other configurations available upon request: Heli 62 with a lower profile and a heliodrome while the cockpit is placed a deck lower, Explorer 62 geared towards long journeys with a special equipment for a cold climate, and Sport 62 with a jet-set styling, and at the end, then newest version designed by Filippo Rossi.

Main Specifications:

Boat Type: Megayacht (> 80′)
Length Overall (LOA): 203’5″
Beam: 37’5″
Draft: 11’6″
Weight: 2,490,000 lbs. (dry)
Fuel Capacity: 42,265 gal.
Water Capacity: 9,725 gal.
Standard Power: 2/2,450-hp MTU 12V 4000 M71 diesel inboards
Top Speed: 16 knots
Cruise Speed: 12 knots
Construction: steel hull, aluminum deckhouse
Designed By: Tim Heywood/Icon Yachts
Interior Design: Redman Whiteley Dixon

More Info at:


Video Directly from IconYachts with interview (In German):


IconYachts Icon 62 sailing for the first time on news (In German):


Enjoy the rest of the images gallery of Icon 62 :

Original Icon 62 Hull 1:
Icon 62 superyacht original hull 1 IconYachts

Original Icon 62 Hull 2 Midlandia:
Icon 62  superyacht original hull 2 Midlandia IconYachts

Sport 62:
superyacht sport 62 IconYachts

Explorer 62:
superyacht explorer 62 IconYachts

Heli 62:
superyacht heli 62 IconYachts

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