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Archive for September, 2009

Solar Sailor Soliloquy SuperYacht cares about the environment Sep 28

Solar Sailor’s Soliloquy SuperYacht. The current trend is green. We are witnessing more and more eco-friendly cars, devices, gadgets, and the latest trend is influencing the yachting industry as well.

Solar Sailor Soliloquy SuperYacht Bow Silhouette

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Isa 600 Superyacht Review with complete photos gallery Sep 20

isa 600 side view isayachts

We will focus on ISA 600 yachts in particular in this reading, together with rich photo coverage of the interior. This series is available in two different versions of exterior styling, created with close collaboration with two renowned masters of the Italian design, Walter Franchini and Andrea Vallicelli. Both versions are completely equal in size, technology and luxury level, they have a completely different souls. The deck’s styling and the shape of the stern has some dissimilarities and brings to light some different ideas. The photos of the interior of ISA 600 in this text are from the Walter Franchini version of ISA 600 yacht.

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ISA, International Shipyard Ancona Yachts and Plans Sep 16

ISA International Shipyard Ancona Yachts

Famous and remarkable Italian shipyard ISA, International Shipyard Ancona, has stood to its maxim of constant technology advancement and permanent design improvement as a basis for construction and equipping some of the most luxurious yachts and Superyachts in the world…

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73 WallyPower Yacht Full Review and Photo Gallery WallyYachts Sep 16

73 WallyPower The V-shaped hull

73 WallyPower is one of the latest technology wonders in the yachts world. This yacht as a typical representative from Wally and features many advanced systems, technology gems and yacht building solutions that are not found on any other yacht in the world.

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