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Isa 600 Superyacht Review with complete photos gallery Sep 20

isa 600 side view isayachts

We will focus on ISA 600 yachts in particular in this reading, together with rich photo coverage of the interior. This series is available in two different versions of exterior styling, created with close collaboration with two renowned masters of the Italian design, Walter Franchini and Andrea Vallicelli. Both versions are completely equal in size, technology and luxury level, they have a completely different souls. The deck’s styling and the shape of the stern has some dissimilarities and brings to light some different ideas. The photos of the interior of ISA 600 in this text are from the Walter Franchini version of ISA 600 yacht.

isa 600 the exclusive huge main saloon

The Main Technical Data:
The new yacht ISA is based on the concept project and naval architecture by the ISATechnical Department team. She is compliant with the LRoS (Lloyd’s Register of Shipping), Maltese Cross 100A1 SSC YACHT (P) MONO G6, LMC and UMS classification regulations, as well as with the MCA (Maritime and Coastguard Agency), Code of Practice, LY2 Unrestricted regulations.
The new ISA 600 is built exclusively from metal, with steel used in the hull with a lots of other metals used to reinforce the structure and aluminium alloy for the superstructure above. The yachts is equipped with bulb at the bow, and the stern skeg and an additional stabilization system with two pairs of fins placed at the front of the ship and at the back.

isa 600 yacht top right complete view

As we mentioned before ISA 600 is 60.5 meters long, with a length at waterline of almost 54 meters, and a distance between perpendiculars is more than 52 meters. The yacht’s maximum beam is 12 meters and she has a maximum draught of more than 3 meters when fully loaded. The unit’s displacement is 980 tons with a medium load, and 1042 when it is filled to the maximum.

The ISA 600’s engine room will be fitted with twin Caterpillar twelve-cylinder V/type diesel engines, CAT 3512C-HD DiTA rating C series, each with 1765 kw of output, equivalent to 2365 horsepower, delivered at engine speed of 1800 rpm. This set-up with allow the new ISA 600 to reach a top speed of 16.5 knots, with a cruising speed of 14.5 knots.

isa 600 the dining area of the main saloon isayachts

When traveling at a cruising speed of 14 knots, the yacht will be able to achieve a range of 2700 nautical miles, partly thanks to her capacious fuel tanks, which can hold 124 thousand liters of fuel. Freshwater on board ISA 600 will be supplied by specific tanks, containing up to 25 thousand liters of liquid.
Meanwhile, the onboard energy requirements will be met by the three main generator sets, based on six-cylinder inline Caterpillar diesel generators from the CAT C9 DiTA series, each providing 200 kilowatts. A dedicated emergency generator set is on hand if needed.

The ISA 600’s equipment also includes one rescue and service tender, and two waverunners. These are stored outside on the fore deck, while the two main tenders and a further two waverunners are stored inside in twin garages on the lower deck, both of which have side hatches.

isa 600 owner's bedroom isayachts

The exterior styling and the interior design

Exotic and elegant, calm and assuring, avant-garde interior is just an addition of the bold, powerful exterior styling created by Walter Franchini’s Italian studio and gives a strong impression at first sight. In our opinion, ISA 600 is glowing with prestige and luxury, has a very majestic elegance and robust look. Sporty Jet-Set image is not sacrificed but it is incorporated in its genes, and it looks and glides on the waves as well as it please our eyes. The superstructure above and the hull look like they are born together in one moment, not welded and assembled carefully in many work hours.
Monumental combination of strong character and sleek authoritarian presence is achieved with carefully hand-picked forms and visual elements to form a harmonious, balanced impression. Soft curvy lines are in masterful cooperation with straight lines at places where it is needed.

An abundance of space inside welcomes the guests, and there can be a large number of them. Modern language is present everywhere and is perfectly wrapped with mystic past style and spirit. Every little thing is perfectly located and you can think of no other better location for it. Majestic terraces are one a top the other in a rising sequence: some are partially covered, some are fully open air, so choose your place for enjoying the sun and view, while calm breeze is your touching your face gently. The alfresco dining table in the main saloon is a true wonder and is one of the top places to enjoy your meals together with chosen company.
We can continue with our description, but we thinks it is enough reading for You, and lets enjoy together with the most complete photo gallery of ISA 600… Stay tuned for more ISA yachting news and general yachting news from all over the world…

isa 600 back view gadgets watertoys isayachts

Technical Specifications:

Construction Steel / Aluminium
Classification Lloyd’s Register of Shipping X100A1 SSC YACHT (P) MONO G6, X LMC,UMS
Compliance MCA Code of Practice, LY2, unrestricted
LOA 63.00 m
LWL 56.38 m
Maximum Beam 12.00 m
Moulded Depth 6.25 m

Displacement at Full Load 1080 tons
Displacement at Half Load 1000 tons
Draught (full load from B.L.) 3.30 m
Max. Speed 16.50 knots
Cruising speed 14.50 knots
Fuel Capacity 130,000 litres
Fresh water capacity 35,000 litres
Range at cruising speed 2700 NM at 14 knots

Main engine type 2 x CATERPILLAR 3512 C
Main engine power 1765 kW @ 1800 rpm
Main generators 3 x CATERPILLAR C9 200 kW

Concept ISA / International Shipyard Ancona
Naval Architecture ISA / Technical Department
Exterior Design Andrea Vallicelli
Interior Design TBD

The rest of the ISA 600 superyacht photos are below:
isa 600 superyacht review isayachts

isa 600 superyacht review isayachts

isa 600 superyacht review isayachts

isa 600 superyacht review isayachts

isa 600 superyacht review isayachts

isa 600 superyacht review isayachts

isa 600 exterior styling interior design and layout isayachts

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