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ISA, International Shipyard Ancona Yachts and Plans Sep 16

ISA International Shipyard Ancona Yachts

Famous and remarkable Italian shipyard ISA, International Shipyard Ancona, has stood to its maxim of constant technology advancement and permanent design improvement as a basis for construction and equipping some of the most luxurious yachts and Superyachts in the world.

ISA project begun in 1998 as an initiative between several managers from Ancona with an expertise in building large ships. They agreed with the common goal to build ultimate pleasure and luxury yachts. They have managed to build their first yacht, 47.5 meters In length, with steel hull and aluminium upped body (superstructure).
State of the art production facility alone is huge, with over 45 thousand m2, of which about a third are roofed. This is particularly important as ISA is able to see complete projects in-house from the start to the finish line, when building new ships or refitting old ones. And the huge work area of the shipyard and warehouses means that that ISA is open for working on big projects, on ships ranging from 36 to 90 meters in length. In 2006 ISA was taken over by Yachting Investors Group and got its much needed funding and became ready for much larger and more expensive projects. Experience of the skilled workers, talented and highly professional interior and exterior designers and premium level of managers now form an unbeatable team in the yachting business.

ISA-International-Shipyard-Ancona-Depolying Huge Yacht In Water

The specialized and skilled workers behind the ISA are using technologies of tomorrow to bring you the ultimate joy and luxury in today’s world. High-precision machinery, talented designers and motivating working atmosphere will result in fantastic big ships, sleek and modern, powerful and contemporary. You have two choices; you can order some of their yachts in composite, steel or aluminium.
Composite range comprises the well-know ISA 120 series, which is very important for ISA as one of the best selling models, and a newly developed ISA 140 series, something new and unique, extraordinary soon to appear range that ISA has an extremely high hopes for.

ISA International Shipyard Ancona Dry Dock Production Facility

Speaking about the metal yachts with steel heel and aluminium structure is much more extensive. It comprises several models that can be further enhanced to meet the customer desires and requirements. Among them are famous and successful ISA 470 and ISA 480 series, which are continuing to show great interest among the rich and informed people. Going up in size and ISA 500 is appearing, but it is yet under construction. It is very large in size, having 50 meters in length, ordered last year by some lucky people. We will witness its delivery in the first quarter of 2010. Even larger is ISA 560, cutting-edge 56-meter ship, meeting all you have dreamed of. Next step is ISA 600, which is currently being built and is scheduled to be ready in summer 2010, and ISA 601 yacht with the same size and can be seen on the website of the manufacturer. For the next several years, even larger yachts are being planned and the production process is being adjusted to meet all the requirements. ISA 630 will appear next, whose contract was signed during the Monaco Yacht Show 2007 and is targeted for 2011, the ISA 660, 66 meters in length, also available on the ISA’s website. And in the near future, we will also witness the ISA 740 being born. This huge, encyclopedic vessel, 74 meters in length was announced first in 2008, during the Monaco Yachts Show 2008 and is expected to be ready in 2012. There are some plans for even bigger yachts, but it is all speculation now, and you will hear first when we have some real news on ISA yachts.

ISA International Shipyard Ancona Dry Dock Roofed Factory

ISA International Shipyard Ancona Refitting and Towing Huge Yacht

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