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Solar Sailor Soliloquy SuperYacht cares about the environment Sep 28

Solar Sailor’s Soliloquy SuperYacht. The current trend is green. We are witnessing more and more eco-friendly cars, devices, gadgets, and the latest trend is influencing the yachting industry as well.

Solar Sailor Soliloquy SuperYacht Bow Silhouette

The guys (and girls) behind Solar Sailors holding have done a great job offering a concept of big and luxury yacht that will actually care about the environment by using solar and wind power as a driving force using latest state-of-the-art  hybrid marine technology. As a last resort there are powerful diesel engines.  Soliloquy SuperYacht is not what you would expect from your typical super expensive ultra luxurious 58 meters (190-foot) SuperYacht. It is very much more and then some.

Soliloquy is a result of an extensive collaboration and joined forces of Alastair Callender of Callender Designs and his dedicated team.  Soliloquy’s rigid-wing structure and smooth curvaceous powerful exterior lines will bring the smile and surprise to anyone familiar with the current yacht designs.  This yacht looks like it came from some future story.

Solar Sailor Soliloquy SuperYacht Profile 3d rendering

Pioneering steps and high quality cutting-edge hybrid solutions offer numerous advantages over the traditional diesel or gasoline engines, some of them being low fuel consumption (at night or when full power is needed to reach the maximum speed) or no emissions at all when the system is powered only by renewable solar and wind energy (when cruising quietly at moderate speeds).  In fact the surplus of the energy is stored in the huge and efficient batteries and is ready to be used once needed. Three rigid-wings are retractable “solar sails” and can be independently rotated from each other or folded away like a Swiss knife when not in use. Photovoltaic cells with and area of 219 square-meter, or 2,360 square foot are capable of propelling the ship with the speed of up to 8 knots. Using wind power alone it can reach speed of 10 knots, while the hybrid electric-diesel motor can speed up the Soliloquy – Green Dream to 18 knots.

Some other features are also worth mentioning. This future SuperYacht uses cold-molded hull built from sustainably managed forests, on-board gym with treadmills and some other fitness equipment that also charges the main batteries. “Yacht design and helping the planet are things I’m very passionate about,” Mr. Callender said.

Solar Sailor Soliloquy SuperYacht White Wings

Soliloquy’s Green Dream is by far the greenest in the superyachts category.  These qualities are in the direction the Solar Sailors is following. Green Dream excels in various aspects of yacht design, including using some materials that are so new and exciting because they are used for the first time.  They have received many prizes and have lifted the bar in the yacht design industry. Among them they received the new Green Star Plus certification from RINA in Italy.

Twelve people can sleep and enjoy together, with all the comfort and luxury they need.  There is an additional space for 3 crew members who will make sure the trip will be enjoyable and peaceful.

For information on Solarsails & Hybrid Marine Power by Solar Sailor Ltd. visit:

The rest of the photo gallery below… Enjoy:

Solar Sailor Soliloquy SuperYacht Bow 3d rendering

Solar Sailor Soliloquy SuperYacht Enclosed Bow

Solar Sailor Soliloquy SuperYacht Lower Deck

Solar Sailor Soliloquy SuperYacht Middle Position


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