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ItalCraft 90 yacht Jan 23

ItalCraft 90

Italcraft 90. Gaete shipyard has created this beautiful yacht and they have the right to be very proud of it. The boat is built with the fierce competition on mind and is a real alternative to nowadays open-top models. One of the main goals of the architects was to maximize the three open areas :

– spacious cockpit with lots of room for the owner and his friends,
– living room at the stern, with lots of seating space, divided in three segments
– sunbathing and enjoying loft at the bow, on the upper deck

Enjoy some more photos below:

ItalCraft 90

All these parts are independent of each other and the guests have much more privacy for enjoyment and relaxing, during the cruise or at the port. You can enjoy the sun and the spectacular view at the front if you don’t mind the wind at the maximum speed of 40 knots. Openness is further accented with the glass wall inside, and at the terrace on top. The gallery and the dining room are also pretty large and comfortable, at the front and also at the back. The light is also making its way into the saloon from the big round window at the top, so there is no chance you will feel claustrophobic and constrained in these gorgeous beautiful yacht.

ItalCraft 90

On the inside, there are four cabins with bathrooms on the left side and additional 2-bed cabins for the crew, plus the galley which is on the right…
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