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Project Light at Fincantieri Yachts Jan 25

Project Light FincantieriYachts

Italian Shipbuilder Fincantieri has already built more than 7000 ships of all types, and every MegaYacht wasn’t just luxury traveling ship but an expression of success, refinement and style in the same time. People in this shipyard are mainly focused to construction of huge ships bigger than 70 meters and this project that is called Project Light, and according to the name it belongs to the light category. This MegaYacht originates from the cooperation between the famous design studio Nauta Design and Fincantieri Yachts.

The Ship is 262 feet long and 46 feet wide and can accommodate twelve to fourteen guests and up to ten crew members on all five decks, which makes it just small enough to be transportable through yacht shipping providers. There are seven ultra luxury cabins at the disposal to the owner and the guests, with a total of 770 m2 of usable space, windows area of 200 m2, and a teak-wood floor is planted on the area of 640 m2.

The engines in charge of moving this monstrous ship are more than powerful and are capable of producing 2.645 Hp each, and the cruising speed (at 85% throttle) is 17 mph., while the maximum speed is 18 mph. The autonomy of thus MegaYacht at 16 knots is 6000 nautical miles. Other numbers and load capacity are impressive as well.

Main characteristics:

Length overall 262 ft
Max Beam 46 ft
Max Draught 13.1 ft
Gross Tonnage 2200 GRT
N° of Decks 5
Owner and Guests 12+2
Suites for Owner and Guests 7
Captain, Crew and Staff 24
Propulsion Engine Power 2×2465 kW
Propellers 2xCPP
Cruising Speed (85% Max. Power) 17 kn
Maximum Speed (100% Max. Power)18.5 kn
Range at 16 kn 6000 nm
Bow Thrusters 1×300 kW
Stabilizer 2 pairs at anchor
Max. tender length 24.6 f

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