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Gulf yacht sales group – Gulf yacht sales Mar 09

Gulf yacht sales are always on the rise….I’m speaking about the information that we got from the Gulf yacht sales group located in Dubai. Many people would think that with the current situation and financial crisis, yacht sales will be affected, but in fact, it is just the opposite…

Gulf Yacht Sales Group Gulf Yacht Sales

Gulf Yacht Sales Group Gulf Yacht Sales

Gulf Yacht Sales Group Gulf Yacht Sales

Gulf Sales Group notified us that there is an almost 10 percentage rise in gulf yachts sales and even more in SuperYacht market. Superyachts are much more desirable speaking about super-rich circle of people and are increasing their lead before the Private Jets. In other words, rich and famous, care more about sea and sea vessels and spend more buying luxury yachts and superyachts.

World reports are also confirming our info from Gulf yacht sales group. The whole yacht market is on a big rise, especially in North American area, and Western Europe also. Yacht manufacturers can enjoy the great sales, the summer is near on the northern hemisphere and we are looking forward to more sea and yachting adventures.

Gulf Yacht Sales Group Gulf Yacht Sales

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    BMW Blog 

    I like a lot the yachts… keep up the good content. thx for sharing

  2. Dubai is the major hub these days. Introducing quality yachts was a great idea indeed 🙂