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Luxury Mega Yachts, Custom Luxury Mega Yachts Mar 10

Luxury Mega Yachts and Custom Luxury Mega Yachts explained from my viewpoint…Maybe the following Mega Yachts Pictures will give you some idea how to choose your future custom luxury mega yacht to look like:

Luxury Mega Yachts, Custom Luxury Mega Yachts

When the money is no object, everything is possible. If you want to further accentuate your position in the society and you are willing to show off in front of your friends, then you will buy the most expensive super yacht money can buy. But what if another rich man anchors with exactly the same yacht next to you in say…Monaco. You will lose your prestige and uniqueness, and your stile will be compromised. Maybe both yachts are the same model, but yours is a little older and the paint color is worse looking in this close comparison.

Luxury Mega Yachts, Custom Luxury Mega Yachts

The answer is Luxury Mega Yachts, and if you really have the money and can afford it, Custom Luxury Mega Yachts, designed and manufactured according your guidance and fulfilling your every desire. You will be consulted in the design process further personalizing the look and feel of your future expensive toy. You can later choose custom paint color, interior can be customized by a large margin, even the number of rooms and their size, luxury of the equipment, whether you like metallic or wooden feel inside. Now you can travel and enjoy all the exclusive parties without fear that someone may come and copy you and your ideas. Enjoy dreaming and prepare the money…..


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12 Responses

  1. 1

    Just testing comments…..🙂

  2. I wish to oneday live on a yacht with my smoking hot wife. Where is oprah when you need her…

  3. i would rather buy a wood sailing ship and rapair it 🙂 and save all the money for weed and booze

  4. 4

    I dont know about military aspect, but tey are pretty cool.

  5. 5

    I hope, I can buy it one day. I really love to live on the yacht.

  6. These yachts are huge and I’m sure they’re worth more than mine and your house combined, lol. I can’t believe that anybody would waste THAT much money on these stupid yachts. I wouldn’t mind having a little boat, a few of my friends, and a case of Coors Light. It’s not about the Yacht, it’s about the memories that you’re making. Money can’t buy us happiness, but it damn sure can make you happy.

    Do you know if they’ll be coming out with yachts that might cost less?

  7. I wonder when will I have mine? I have never experience any yatch ride but it supposed to be excellent time who has experience it. I suppose there will be facility like one can take it on rent for some time? don’t know exactly!!

  8. 8

    Great boat but I still don’t see the point in buying one tho. Do rich eccentric men sail around the world using their yachts?

  9. 9
    K2 Summit 

    Now that yacht is what I would consider to be a superyacht

  10. 10

    I think it’s not a great idea to buy such things while children are starving in Africa..

  11. Oh these are really too luxury.If I were a billionaire I would buy it.But this would never happen.

  12. 12
    k2 incense 

    Oh how I would love to sail around on one of these luxurious yachts. Maybe one day. 😉