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Finding The Best Satellite TV Solution For Your Yacht Apr 28

Emocean Marina Small Yachts Boats

The perpetual sound of waves lapping against the hull, the smell of fresh water or salt, cruising under the sun, bobbing and weaving across expanses of open water, taking a dip, dining at sea, or partying under the stars. It’s all an exquisite adventure on the yacht of your dreams.

Whether you rent one for a vacation cruise or you own one that takes you on various journeys, your love of scuttling over oceans and lakes is both an escape and a treasure. Even with all that the boating life offers, sometimes you need some visual entertainment in the form of moving pictures that aren’t moving past the stern.
Of course, there are plenty of DVD and Blu-ray players, as well as video game players that can keep you busy. But, if you’re on an extended journey, you aren’t going to want to spend the hours you’ll need when you get back to landlubbing reality to catch up on all your favorite shows. Or for those who actually live at sea on their yachts, you may be missing just about everything.

amfloridian superyacht

There is an alternative. You can get satellite TV on your yacht. Technology is advancing in leaps and bounds, and part of these advances are satellite dishes that adjust to your movement. You can go with the standard dishes that will need some adjustments when you anchor for the day. Or you can get the flat discs that adjust themselves as you move.

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Eco-friendly Yacht, a contradiction in terms or reality? Apr 28

Emocean Marina Small Yachts Boats

When you hear the word yacht, several thoughts come to mind: luxury…affluence…beautiful women sunbathing and sipping mojitos amidst the shimmering cerulean waters of some equatorial heaven.  The yacht has long been a symbol of the lavish lifestyle that money can bring.  Certainly the majority of middle America has not added this item to their holiday wish list.  But one descriptor that most certainly does not pop into your head is “eco-friendly”.  Somehow, this term does not seem synonymous with the absolute opulence that one associates with yacht ownership.  And yet, after environmentally sound buildings and cars, green yachts seem like the next logical step.

And in fact, there are already several eco-friendly options available (or soon to be available) for those seeking their own private luxury liner with an emphasis on the environmentally sound.  So how do these floating palaces go green?  Some, like the Independence 60 motor yacht (, do it old school (like millions of years old) by running on solar power (plus, the hull is made entirely of 100% recyclable aluminum).  Island Pilot LLC also utilizes solar power with their DSe Hybrid 12m (, although it can fall back on clean-ish options like diesel and electric when needed.

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Emocean Marina, small-yachts manufacturer rises in recession Apr 24

UAE boat builder is making a fortune and have sold more than 30 small-sized yachts in the previous year which is their first year of existence and operating. Abu-Dhabi based company Emocean Marina has managed to sell more than 30 boats in a category that is often called ‘pocket yachts’. The company’s CEO Hamad Kassab Bachi tells us his story and how his company profited during the global recession.

Emocean Marina Small Yachts Boats

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Emocean Yacht Design Team Cooperates With Devonport Yachts Apr 21

Emocean Yacht Design Team has cooperated with Devenport Yachts in the past. But now they have been exclusively asked to provide a futuristic design for a new range of concept yachts that are going to be produced at Devenport Yachts in the near future, as an addition to their range.

Devonport 160 Yacht

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Lucia M first superyacht by Dutch shipbuilder Jongert Shipyard Apr 19

Jonget shipyard based in Holland is proud to present their first SuperYacht, 39-meters in length motor yacht of the type 3900MY. The name of the yacht is carefully chosen, she is called Lucia-M. This is the first time in the company’s history to present a motor yacht with these dimensions.

Lucia M super yacht

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