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The perks of fractional yacht ownership Jun 02

We are sure that many of you dream to spend at least a month or two enjoying the perks of yachting, but it has all been dreaming so far since you simply cannot afford it. Well, here is good news. You should stop dreaming since here, at you can make your dream come true with the help of fractional ownership.

To find out about the perks of yacht fractional ownership we will first have to define the term fractional ownership. Fractional ownership is a partial share of something (mostly) expensive, between two or more fractional owners. In contrast to timeshare models, fractional ownership goes along with a real ownership, coming along with the right to trade and sell it as you please and get some money back. The most common forms of fractional ownership are aircrafts, however fractional ownership for luxury motor cruisers and yachts, property and supercars are becoming more popular!

SmartYacht Fractional yacht ownership

Fractional ownership means both sharing the enjoyment and costs over one of the products mentioned above. The financial benefits of fractional yacht ownership versus conventional ownership and charter are obvious: You simply mitigate your risk and save money in areas like acquisition, maintenance, management or mooring. With conventional yacht ownership, budgets usually dictate the size of the yacht you will own, whereas with fractional ownership, you enjoy a much larger yacht of a higher standard with that same budget. Moreover you can mostly take advantage of a professional management taking care of all the hassles of yachting, so you can really enjoy your precious leisure time on board.

Twenty years ago fractional ownership became common for jets only. Now this thing of fractional ownership became more famous among people since yachts came to question. The dream of every successful and ambitious man is to take his family, friends or business partners to a yacht cruise enjoying some 10 or 15 days in having fun with the open sea ahead of you. However, owning a yacht is not a possible thing for each and every one of us. In fact, the number of those who can afford such an expensive beauty is small.

A yacht is not just expensive when you buy it. Once you’ve bought it, it is expensive for the time you own it because of many reasons like the annual costs, the maintaining costs, fuel costs since a thing like a yacht is pricy to maintain in a good condition at all times. And all that for what? You will not use the yacht for more than a month or two in a whole year. The rest will probably be just throwing money away.

That is exactly the reason why we are going to offer you a less pricy and a more reasonable solution. SmartYacht offers shares in motor yachts (> 50ft) at various locations around the Mediterranean Sea. Once you’ve purchases a share in your desired yacht, you can use it for a minimum of six (6) and up to 18 weeks per year (depending on the size of share). A modern online reservation system guarantees a fair allocation among the fractional owners, and enables you enjoying the privilege of being a billionaire without having to be one in reality. Seriously who needs a yacht 365 days of the year, 7 days a week? It is the same feeling of an owner when you get aboard only you will have one part of the financial headache that the single owner has.

Another thing why it is a good idea to choose fractional ownership instead of single ownership is because you can significantly reduce your personal efforts coming along with ownership of an asset. A professional management is taking care of the yacht and also organizing the group of fractional owners. Neither you have to take care of administrative tasks like insurance, nor organize operational things like crew, maintenance or mooring. If you have got the money to buy a yacht on your own, that probably means you are a very busy person. If you are busy, how can you spare some time to work on the maintenance of your yacht? With fractional ownership, you do not have to be right next to the yacht just to take care for everything to be perfectly ok, but the yacht will be kept in top condition throughout the year, and maintenance, mooring and repositioning will be organized for you. All you have to do is step on board! And don’t forget you only have to pay a fraction of the costs.

SmartYacht is a company which secret of success hides in the 25-year experience.
The only thing you need to do is visit the company’s website at the following page to have a look at the current offers and dive into the fascinating world of luxury yachting. If you are interested in getting to know more information about the SmartYacht fractional ownership programme, you can also directly get in contact with the company and register (it’s simple and without any commitment) at


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