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The Strand Craft Super Yacht Goes Completely Overboard Jun 18

Strand Craft, the well-known manufacturer of elite classic-style boats enhanced by modern technology, has announced their latest offering, the Strand Craft 122 Yacht: gorgeous, expensive, and almost entirely unattainable.  At a cost of $24 million (£17 million), and with only six slated for production, it’s going to be harder to get your hands on one of these than the coveted Bugatti Veyron, and with a ridiculously steep price point, it caters to only the most extravagant spenders.  So what can you expect from a yacht that costs more than a mansion?

Strand Craft Super Yacht

You start with 122 feet of sleek, sexy, streamlined exterior.  This thing seriously looks like a stealth plane sitting on the water.  Inside, you’ll find a stylish art deco interior that hearkens back to the lavish lifestyle of the roaring ‘20s, four large double staterooms, and spacious salon and receptions areas to fit your entertainment bill (and 52-inch LED TVs and superior sound systems provided by Bang and Olufson in every room are sure to meet the media needs of your guests).  Bonus: this thing even sports bulletproof windows.

In terms of raw power, a twin MTU 16V000 engine puts out 14,000 horsepower (with the addition of optional KaMeWa boosters provided by Rolls Royce) and produces top speeds of up to 55 knots.  Bazinga!  All of this is amazing, but you haven’t even heard the best part.

This super-yacht comes with a matching super-car.  That’s right, a sweet little sports-car that fits neatly into its own garage at the stern of the boat.  When twin girls wear matching outfits, it’s considered cute.  Having a super-car that matches your yacht is just plain wicked.  And with a V12, twin-turbo engine pumping out 880 horsepower and capable of reaching speeds over 220 mph, it’s a toss-up as to which you will prefer to tool around in.

So who’s buying (besides super-villains in need of a lavish lair)?  They’re hardly going fast (so to speak), but considering they’re being offered on a first come, first serve basis, it’s no surprise that Craft Strand has already taken five offers (and looks to receive more with interested parties all over the world, especially in the oil-rich Middle East, taking notice).  For the wealthy consumer with an eye for exclusive acquisitions, this soon-to-be-released super-yacht is the ultimate in luxury cruising.  For the rest of us, it’s just a wet dream.

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  1. I rather would have 2 houses for 8m than 1 yaght, but still a great toy!