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Top 10 Superyachts in the world Jun 10

If somebody asks you what the jewels of the sea are, your definite answer will be the yachts. These floating mansions represent the crown of lifestyle ruling the blues sea with its horizon. The most luxurious fleet of yachts counts the top 10 on its list:

10. KOGO super yacht. 4 years ago the KOGO Superyacht was built with 235 feet long and a capability to accommodate 12 guests in 5 luxurious suits. Designed by the hand of Tim Heywood, this yacht features living area both indoor and outdoor, helipad, massage and beauty room fully equipped with steam room and a large Jacuzzi. KOGO offers four KAWASAKI jet skis for those that want feel the excitement of the water sports. Speed and dynamic movement is easily stabilized to zero ensuring comfort during charter parties.

Kogo super yacht, owner Mansour Ojjeh

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9. ICE super yacht. Owned by Suleiman Kerimov, ICE presents a floating vessel with an environmentally friendly character that is supported by a latest technology reducing noise and vibration, also a system that controls exhaust emission. Built in 2005 in Lürssen yard, Bremen, with 295feet in length ICE is one of the largest private yachts in the world. Powered by eight 842kW Deutz with 16-cylender generators, enough electric power is produced to spin the 2 ABB type 5 propellers, reaching speed of 18 knots. A large swimming pool occupies the main deck and a Jacuzzi on the sun deck. The yacht also carries a Eurocopter EC 135. Luxurious interior filled with modern furniture and a spiral staircase.

Ice super yacht owner Suleiman Kerimov

8. The Princess Marianna super yacht. The Princess Marianna is a luxurious yacht that stretches along 258 feet with six decks. Espen Oeino Naval Architects and Francois Zuretti interior designer gave this yacht modern impressive feature capable to accommodate 12 guests. Probably the most impressive feature on the yacht is The Beach club, a dry dock that can be “flooded” forming a swimming pool of 12 meters. A terrace slightly above sea level is created by lowering the starboard hull wall. Helipad that becomes a golf driving rage, when there is no helicopter present, with a massive screen showing the player its results. Fully equipped gym is on board with treadmill, elliptical machine and free weights. The Princess Marianna has entertainment with three cinema screens, dance floor, two bars, a barbeque, a spa pool and sun beds. There are six stereo rooms with plasma TV and a huge storage with lots of music and DVDs.

The Princess Marinna super yacht owner Carlos Peralta

7. The Ecstasea super yacht. The Ecstasea is one of the largest yachts in the world owned by the famous mogul Roman Abramovich. This vessel is 88.95 meters long and a beam that reaches 11.50 meters high. Luxurious design and extras can only be ordered by Roman Abramovich. The yacht was built in the Royal Van Lent, a shipyard that is the birth place famous for building the best yachts in the world. Power of 4 x 3,154 is provided from four MTU engines. A gas turbine installed on board adds additional power totaling it to 31,269 hp. A combination of Indian and Chinese design is used for the interior, giving it a unique Asian Style. The exterior and shape is a sight for sour eyes, also contributing to high speed that this vessel can reach. Talking about speed, the Esctasea can reach 23 knots in cruising speed and above 25 knots on maximum speed.

The Ecstasea super yacht owner Roman Abramovich

6. Limitless super yacht. Limitless yacht continuously raises the question Beauty or The Beast? Built in 1997 by the German shipmaker Lürssen, Limitless cuts the waves with 96,25 m (315 ft 8 in)in length and 12,50m (41 ft) in width. Two engines produce power up to 5420 kW giving 25 knots of speed and all this with a diesel and diesel-electric propulsion combination. This yacht is owned by an American businessman called Les Waxner, chairman and CEO of the Limited Brands corporation,a corporation known for the world famous brand Victoria’s Secret. Throughout the years the vessel was rebuld and expand for an on-deck gymnasium.

Limitless super yacht owner Les Waxner

5. Pelorus super yacht. For the second time the name Roman Abramovich appears on the list, this time with his Pelorus yacht. Tim Heywood also appears again for it’s designed. The yacht features 115 meters in length, a beam of 17.2 meters and draft of 4.66 meters. Valued about 300 Us dollars it is build in Lurssen yard in Bremen. 2 helipads are stationed on-board this ship powered by 2 Wartsila engines making 540 hp each. Maximum speed is reached with 20 knots and a cruising speed of 18 knots. With a capacity of 280 metric tons of fuel and 100 metric tons on water, the Pelorus is characterized with certain independency of fuel and water. Luxury is heightened with large LCD TV-sets, very expensive furniture, bar, water jets, a large pool, intimate places for sunbathing and enjoying the ocean view.

Pelorus super yacht owner Roman Abramovich

4. The Lady Moura super yacht. Pronounced as the 10ht largest private yacht in 2006 in Monte Carlo, The Lady Moura is in the hands of multi-millionaire businessman Nasser al-Rashid from Saudi Arabia. It has been in his ownership for the past 16 years and makes shure that it stays in perfect condition. With 344 feet in length, Lady Moura has enough space for a helicopter on board and interior with a dinning table stretching 59 feet. The usual docking place during the summer for this yacht is the Monte Carlo marina.

The Lady Moura super yacht owner Nasser al Rashid

3. The Rising Sun super yacht. The Rising Sun is a mega yacht with aluminium structure and a steel hall capable of reaching 28 knots flat out and 26 knots in cruising speed, 5m (16.40ft)draft and 18.5m(60.70ft) beam. The vessel is capable of accommodating up to 12 guests offering them a luxurious relaxed experience. It’s pa rtly owned by David Geffen.

The rising sun super yacht owner Larry Ellison

2. The Octopus super yacht. Paul Allen is the owner of the Octopus mega yacht equipped with a swimming pool, seven boats, side hatches at the water line for the jet skis, two helicopters, a 10 man submarine and a vehicle controlled by remote to crawl on the Ocean floor. The Octopus has a crew of 60 people, all full-time. It was designed by Espen Oino Nava Architects Company and build in Lürssen, Germany. Designers Christian Grevstad and Jonathan Quinn Barnett designed the interior. As a reminder, Paul Allen is the co-founder of Microsoft along with Bill Gates, and the 32nd richest person in the world. Follow More detailed story about Octopus Yacht at this page!

octopus super yacht owner Paul Allen

1. Carinthia VII super yacht. Carinthia VII is designed to reach the top levels of luxury in the world. Built in 2002, it is in the hands of Heidi Horton, wife of the German entrepreneur Helmut Horten. This luxurious yacht is 97.20m (318.90 feet) long and a beam of 15.95m (52.33 feet). Carinthia VII is powered by 4 main main engines of 9925 HP MTU 8000. 4x 9925 hp makes it the fastest super-yacht in the world reaching 26 knots of maximum speeds and lower than 22 knots of cruising speed. Not only its in high standard of luxury, it’s also very safe and environmentally friendly.

Carinthia VII owner Helmut Horten

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