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Top 3 Super Yachts to have Sex on Jun 01

01.)  Lakshmi Mittal’s Newest SuperYacht carries a name Amevi and is a perfect yacht for your dream party and casual sex adventures.

02.) Carlos Slim Superyacht can make your day and night! With all the facilities featured inside, like a large cinema, heli-pads, dozens of luxury guest apartments, spa and fitness centers, it is clearly unmatched in style and elegance. Carlos Slim is the richest man in the world as of April 2010, and certainly he can afford to own and operate this kind of yacht.

03.) Pelorus, Roman Abramovich’s superyacht. Equiped with all the luxury in this world, even missile detection system and a small private submarine, it is a paradise for any man in this world. It has been recently redesigned in the interior with some new gadgets and security systems.

Casual sex is more than real in this kind of yachts. More and more people are buying small yachts to enjoy free casual sex with their sex friends. After all, the entire world’s treasure would be pointless if it couldn’t be spend on beautiful women. So buy yourself a small yacht, as even a small one can greatly increase your chances in getting laid and finding perfect casual sex partner.

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