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Five Must-Have Service Professionals for Every Yacht Jul 16

Now that you’ve got your dream cruiser, built to entertain like the floating pleasure palaces of ancient Rome, you’re ready to take your little boat out for a test run.  Or are you?  You’ve had it outfitted to your lengthy specifications.  From state-of-the-art guest rooms equipped with the latest technological gadgetry to a swanky 1920s-style art deco lounge to a luxurious deck lined with Adirondack chairs, you’ve thought of everything to host on the water with class and style.  Wet bar?  Check.  Top-shelf liquor?  Check.  Enough supplies to keep the party going until Armageddon (and the will to do so)?  Check and check!  There’s only one thing missing…who’s going to pour the drinks?  If you seem to have left service out of the equation when planning your party boat, never fear.  Here are a few service professionals that can benefit any yacht-owner.

Five Must Have Yachts Service Professionals for Every Yacht

  1. Maid.  If you’re going to be out to sea with guests for any length of time, you certainly don’t want to leave the state of their staterooms up to them.  So hire on a maid to do the laundry, make the beds, and keep you and your guests supplied with clean linens (you’re going to go through a lot of towels taking dips all day in the warm, blue waters of whatever tropical paradise you happen to be in at any given time).
  2. Chef.  Nothing will ruin your fun faster than a lack of edible entertainment.  Sure, you can serve Ramen noodles every night of the week, but if you want to cater to expectant guests, you’re going to need cuisine that’s heavier on the brie than the government cheese.  So order up a five-star chef (they can’t all have restaurants of their own) and staff to keep your guests ooh-ing and ah-ing over dessert instead of tossing it in the ocean.  And while a chef may be pressed into service as a waiter, you might want to consider a separate bartended if you plan to party quite a bit.
  3. Masseuse.  You’re not running a day spa, but as staffing choices go, you really can’t deny the appeal of a personal massage therapist aboard a pleasure craft (pleasure is right in the name!).  You’re bound to get worn out from all that swimming, and besides that, a massage is like relaxation 101.  You’re on vacation, for crying out loud!  So get your Zen on with a little daily deep-tissue treatment or some Thai-style manipulation.
  4. Deckhand.  A deckhand is sort of a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to boats.  This person should be able to do anything and everything in the service of your ship, from cleaning and painting to handling the lines (docking, mooring) to engine maintenance to helming the wheel (and in some cases, even navigating).  Whether you have an experienced captain on your crew or you plan to plot the courses yourself, a good deckhand (or several, depending on the size of your yacht) is an absolute necessity.
  5. Security.  Let’s face it, owning a yacht will garner some serious attention when you make port (probably from notoriously unsavory characters).  So make sure that the safety of your vessel, your guests, and yourself is assured by hiring on a beefy bouncer to keep unwanted visitors from strolling aboard, wreaking havoc, and absconding with your valuables.

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