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The Tour De France Guide is going to sell like hotcakes Jul 16

If there is one thing that any sports fanatic loves is detailed description and commentary from experts, so that they can keep track of their favorite sport at all times. It is this kind of an audience that the Tour De France guide, which is a magazine that is being released for this year’s- Tour De France 2010, race.

As you might know already, the Tour De France race begins from July 3rd and will continue on till the 22nd of the same month, and something like the Tour De France Guide is going to be perfect for people to keep track of the race at all times. This guide is going to contain expert commentary and opinion as well as all the information that anyone might need on the race this year.

In fact, most people are claiming and especially the renowned editors of the Bicycling Magazine, that this Tour De France Guide which is of course a special edition of the Bicycling Magazine itself is going to become an instant hit. The main reason for this is because there is a lot of drama going on with this year’s Tour De France anyway, bitter rivalry as well as doping accusations and so on has added to all the high drama. Therefore, more people will want to be constantly updated about the goings on of the race and all the behind the scenes things as well.

Ultimately the Tour de France guide is going to become a prized possession for anyone who wants to keep track of the race and also follow the expert comments and opinions of the others following the race. So if you are one of those people who are going to faithfully be following this year’s Tour De France, the guide is definitely something that you should also subscribe to so that you don’t lose out on any of the high points and so that you are in on all the inside information and all the opinions as well.

This is definitely going to be an instant success as the Bicycling Magazine has already predicted.

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