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Celebrities Are Borrowing Yachts This Summer Aug 19

The Yachting bug is sweeping the celebrity crowds this summer but what if you don’t want to splash out a few million for some summer fun. Well more and more celebrities are now choosing to charter or even borrow a yacht from some of their celebrity friends. This is presumably so they can save their pennies and splash out on a new car with some equally expensive car accessories.

Angelina Jolie

Johnny Depp private yacht Vajoliroja

Probably one the most if not the most famous couples in the world Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie made use of a yacht owned by the equally well known Johnny Depp. The beautiful yacht is 156 feet long and can be chartered for a mere $129,000 per week.

Roberto Cavalli Yacht

An eye catching bright purple yacht measuring a full 133 feet in length is that of well known designer Roberto Cavalli. This was the holiday option chosen by the Beckham’s, David and Victoria, this summer.

For Kate Moss it was the yacht of Top Shop owner Philip Green who allowed Kate and her boyfriend to spend some time on the 206 foot yacht valued at a cool $50,000,000. Named Lionheart the yacht was Kate’s getaway for 2 weeks during the summer months.

kate moss bikini shot on yacht

A multi billionaire and owner of Chelsea football club Roman Abramovic kindly lent his yacht to Madonna free of charge! The yacht is valued at close to $118,000,000 which comfortably puts it at the top of the super yachts. With more than 40 members of staff on board the vessel, named Luna, Madonna would have been well cared for.


Calling it ‘The best summer of my life’ Paris Hilton spent a whole month on board the 300 foot mega yacht of Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft. Valued at $125,000,000 and costing $623,000 each and every week to charter the millionaires was not charged a single dime for her stay aboard the Tatoosh. At least we know she will have a bit of cash spare for some of those fancy mobile phone accessories she has.

Paris Hilton in Bikini

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