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Magnum 80 yacht Sep 30

Yachts from shipbuilder Magnum Marine from Florida are characterized by combining style, presence, comfort and luxury, but sport and agility is above all. Quality control is extremely high and rigorous, nothing is leaved to the chance. Hull bottoms are solid fiberglass or Kevlar — with no core materials and reinforcements are of carbon fiber. All Magnum models are built according to Registro Italiano Navale (RINA), CE and ABS regulations.

Magnum 80 yacht

This new model Magunm 80 has been designed by the famous studio Pininfarina. There are numerous choices when selecting an engine, as well as the interior and equipment. Standard version has Twin MTU diesel engines with 2x 2400 hp and Anderson ASD 15 surface drives. There is a space for 8 passangers and two crew members. The yacht has two VIP suites, one or two big saloons, galley and additional cabin for the crew.

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Birchwood 410 Platinum Yacht Sep 27

The Birchwood 410 Platinum is a mix of power sporty lines of motoryacht and safety features of real ship that will serve you long years. No compromise in any direction on this vessel. The bright spacious interior provides the owner with the with two big cabins with double luxurious bathroom (bath and shower included), and a guest cabin for some more company onboard, also with its own bath. The guest cabin is in the rear part of the ship behind engine section.

Birchwood 410 Platinum

With the hull in silver color, Birchwood Platinum 410 clearly shows its superiority and power, while not sacrificing any comfort features during longer cruises. Well planned interior contains owner cabin with Double French Bed. Between the cabins, there is spacious and bright main saloon, with big sofa in the U shape in the middle and well equipped modern galley.

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Chaparral 400 Cruiser Yacht Sep 23

Financial crisis has influenced American ship manufacturers, too, like any business on this planet. Shipyards are working at the half the capacity or even less, the stocks are growing.

Chaparral 400 Cruiser Yacht

But the huge American manufacturer Chapparal has kept the stability and offered all-new series of bowrider gliders called SSi Wide Tech, with the model numbers 196, 206, 216, 226 SSi. They are ideal for a day-off adventures and water sports events and fun. In the sport vessels line Sunesta, the new model is 264 Sunesta Extreme with the characteristics and specs of real wakeboard vessel.

Chaparral 400 Cruiser Yacht

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Hov Pod SPX – Fun Hovercraft Sep 23

Hov Pod Hovercraft

Hovercraft from the English company Reaction International Limited is very easy and fun to drive. The experience of traveling with 45 mph on this air balloon is truly exceptional and not your everyday thrill, however the cruising speed is 30 mph which is still good.

Hov Pod Hovercraft

This secure amphibious vehicle has no problem running (hovering) over plenty of flat terrain types including concrete, water, ice, snow, sand and grass. It is much stronger and floats better than the models from carbon fibers, and it is suitable for more than a small family trip to the local holiday destination. It can be used effectively for hunting and fishing, security patrols, commercial and saving use. It is equipped with an engine, but it can be bought even without it, so you can customize it and finish it according to your needs. Learning curve is not very steep and you can drive it worry free in minutes.

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Adventure travel on an expensive yacht Sep 06

Adventure travel is all about letting yourself free and exploring the beauty of a place on your own and its people too. In this way you experience the place in an exclusive way that might not have been experienced by anyone else. So how to be the adventurous person and get your journey going on the right direction in the right manner to give you the most beautiful experience of  a journey in your life. So if you are interested in this type of exploration of a place you can actually go for sailing. But then how to go for sailing? You can hire a yacht for yourself. Just imagine the luxury of having your yacht and the sea around, the scenic view that you can actually view. Surely not every one is lucky enough to have an experience of this sort in their lives.

yacht sailing, yacht crew

Yachts are the perfect answer to go on a fun vacation and an adventure travel on a pristine coastline with a group, alone or anyhow you would like to. There are two types of yachts that you can rent for yourself. Firstly you can get it through a bareboat. This type of renting is preferred to those people who have training in sailing and have the idea of seamanship.

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