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Hire a Yacht and Escape the Cold This Winter Feb 10

For those that are tired of standing under the patio heater during the winter trying to keep warm what better way to explore some of the world’s warmer destinations than by yacht? Everybody feels a little down when winter comes along and the temperature drops. The days start getting longer and you end up spending a lot more time inside or standing under a patio heater when you do venture outdoors.

Yacht in the Mediteranean near Turkey

It is at this time of the year that many people decide to take a break and go on holidays to some slightly warmer destinations around the globe. One of the best destinations and one that caters well for yachts is the Mediterranean. There are many routes you can take whilst cruising in the Mediterranean which encapsulates some picturesque islands and beautiful cities.

Girl at Monaco Grand Prix

Some of the most visited destinations by yacht in the Mediterranean include Monaco, Nice and Cannes in France Barcelona and Valencia in Spain and finally Porto in Portugal. Each of these destinations have beautiful harbours and are definitely worth you spending a few days exploring.

Barcelona Harbour

You will find these wonderful cities to be laid back and relaxed during the day with some amazing restaurants and beaches to visit. Once you have topped up your tan you will be treated to some of the best nightlife available in the Mediterranean.

Yacht in Greece

Because there are so many different routes and places to visit whilst cruising in the Mediterranean it is important to highlight where you want to go before hand. This way you will be able to charter a yacht that will be capable to living up to your expectations. It is essential that you hire your yacht from a reputable company and that the broker is well informed and familiar with your destinations in order that they can pick the right crew and yacht for your travels.

Once you have managed to secure a yacht within your budget it will be worthwhile becoming familiar with the crew as well as keeping an eye on the local weather conditions yourself.

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