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3 Amazing Cruises in Asia-Pacific Jun 24

Ever wanted to visit the Asia-Pacific region? Discover it through a cruise. Hotel packages are available for cruise travellers who need a place to stay before and after their cruise. Visit ancient China, mysterious Thailand and colourful Malaysia; see the Australian coral reefs and the cliffs of New Zealand. Here are three great cruises available in the Asia-Pacific region. We hope these give you ideas for your next Asian or Pacific vacation.

  1. 1. Singapore to Hong Kong

Hong Kong:
Hong Kong

Offered by Holland America, this 14-day cruise will take you through Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and China. The journey starts in Singapore, an island city-state at the tip of the Malay peninsula. An ultra-modern city with lots of skyscrapers, it will satisfy the tastes of the urban tourists. The first stop on the way, Ko Samui island in Thailand, is a popular tourist spot only second to Bangkok. The island offers year-round activities and festivals and features the legendary Thai hospitality. After 2 days in Bangkok, the cruise moves to Sihanoukville, Cambodia. A growing tourist spot, Sihanoukville offers several quiet beaches and ancient pagodas. After a few stops in popular Vietnam spots such as Phu My and the famous Halong Bay, the cruise ends in urban Hong Kong.

  1. 2. Australia to Pacific Islands to Singapore

Pacific Islands:
Pacific Islands

Another Holland America offering, this 30-day cruise will show you the best of Australia, the Pacific Islands and South-East Asia. The cruise begins in Sydney and starts with the Pacific Islands, which takes two days to reach. The first stop in is New Caledonia, and then moves on to several islands in Fiji and Vanuatu, stopping again by New Caledonia on the way back to Sydney. The boat then moves north through Brisbane and Cairns to take you to a 2-day visit of the Great Barrier Reef, including a sunrise at Lizard Island and a visit of the Torres Strait. After a last Australian stop in Darwin, the boat crosses the Timor Sea to several stops in Indonesia before ending in Singapore.

  1. 3. Hong Kong to Kobe

Kobe, Japan
Kobe, Japan

Following the Pacific coast of China across to Japan, this 14-day Holland America cruise starts in urban Hong Kong. The placeholder of Cantonese culture, Hong Kong is renowned for its modern skyline, amazing nightlife and luxury accommodations. The cruise first stops in ancient Shanghai, a royal Chinese city. The capital and host of the 2008 Summer Olympics, Beijing, is the next stop on the way to Dalian, a city to the north-east of China. Then the boat crosses the strait to Pusan in South Korea. Pusan is the second-biggest city in South Korea, after Seoul. It offers a mix of modern skyscrapers, ancient temples and beautiful white sand beaches. Across the strait to the south lies Nagasaki, famous for being the second city hit with an atomic bomb during World War II. Finally, the cruise ends in Kobe, Japan, situated in a beautifully protected bay to the south of Japan. Before taking your plane back home, you can relax in one of Kobe’s famous hot springs and visit an ancient Shinto shrine.

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