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London to Brighton: Day Trip or Voyage Gateway Jun 30

London to Brighton: Day Trip or Voyage Gateway

Londoners, both longstanding residents and very new ones, who appreciate the utmost in luxury enjoy the short distance to the Brighton Marina south of the city. Just a short hour long trip by car, those who want to relax and enjoy the weekend in a seaside town and get in some beach time love Brighton. Brighton has everything you could want in a holiday area– beaches, culture, history, stunning architecture, and lots of bars and nightclubs for when the sun goes down. However, many people fail to realize that Brighton also has a great marina for those who have their own boats or yachts, and yacht charter is also available. Also, those just outside of the UK, and visitors, frequently have no idea that such a great watersports playground exists so close to the urban area.

Marina Offerings

The Brighton Marina area offers a wide range of watersports equipment. Whether your interests lie in windsurfing, wakeboarding, or boating, you will find the latest high technology equipment for your use. There are also schools to teach you about sailing and powerboating, as well as wakeboarding. You can use your own boat and equipment, or you can rent equipment to use for the duration of your stay. In fact, there are even unlimited hire memberships you can use for this equipment throughout the season.

If you own your own boat or yacht, Brighton is the place to berth it. From its location on the southern coast of the United Kingdom, piloting to France or Spain takes less than half a day. For the more experienced and adventurous sort, a trip to the Mediterranean and all that it has to offer: the islands of Tenerife, Sicily, and Sardinia, as well as the Riviera and Monte Carlo among other elegant destinations. Those who prefer to have someone else do the work while they relax will find experienced shipmates and other help for hire in Brighton as well.

Those who love boating but have not yet taken the plunge into ownership are also in luck, as the marina is host to many yacht charter companies that can be hired to take you on a holiday of your choice, from just a short weekend trip to a long voyage. You can arrange your trip ahead of time, then just turn up with your suitcase and set sail, all on your schedule. These trips are available bare boat, so that you can pilot the boat yourself and have lots of privacy, or with a full staff to wait on your needs.

Getting to Brighton

The London to Brighton trip can be made in many ways. It is under an hour trip via train from central London, or thirty minutes by air from Gatwick Airport. Regular coach flights are scheduled to Brighton. There are even buses scheduled, and biking enthusiasts might consider making the trip on two wheels. It is also an easy automobile drive from London, and even from Portsmouth and Dover. Car hire is available for those flying in, and local residents can also use their personal auto. For those with costly wheels, you will want to check into limo insurance before the trip and hire a responsible driver.

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