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Top Beaches in the UK Aug 05

Yacht owners and those who lease yachts for their holidays, are lovers of the ocean and beaches. The United Kingdom is a great place to cruise your yacht to, and also a great place to live and cruise your yacht from. The wonderful thing about being an island is having access to the most amazing beaches. From seaside resorts, to little fishing towns and villages, a trek to one of the following beaches is a must.

Sennen Cove is in the county of Cornwall; this beach is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches in the country. It is the UK’s surfing central so if you like riding the wild surf this is the beach for you. There are also charming restaurants with breath taking seascape views.

Sennen Cove

Camber Sands is located in Kent, and is the best example of the “perfect” beach. Not only is it stunning but also a part of Britain’s History. It was the scene of smuggling back in the early days, so if you want adventure or just to sit back and soak up the rays, then this is a must see beach destination.

Camber Sands beach

Dunster Beach located in the historical Somerset County, is a beach with a combination of sand and pebbles that makes it seem practically magical. What adds even further to the beauty are the the quaint chalets and medieval streets embracing Somersets heritage that are nearby.

Dunster Beach

Manobier Beach, located in the Welsh town of Pembrokeshire, is in the heart of the most beautiful scenery in the UK. Located along a rugged coastline filled with cliffs, fields and hills, it even has a medieval castle high upon a cliff overlooking the beach, making you feel like you just walked into the middle of a fairytale. It is rich in Welsh culture and the townspeople welcome you with open arms.

Manobier Beach

Brighton Beach is one of the most iconic and well known beaches in the UK and no trip would be complete without a visit. It is very well known for its long pier, amusement park, and a thriving night life and many other seaside activities. It is located just an hour away from the heart of London, and can be reached by train easily and quickly. It has been awarded two blue flag awards for being one of the cleanest beaches in the UK, which definitely makes it a must see.

Brighton Beach

There are so many more beaches that line the coastline that there is not enough space to write about them; some of the other beaches are Bridlington North Beach, Blackpool Sands Beach, Ainsdale Beach and Central Beach. If you are looking for a family beach in the UK, there is always one close by. While checking which beach to visit, also look into imported car insurance for your vehicle before heading off to the sand and surf.

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