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5 Great Beach Breaks in Queensland Nov 28

5 Great Beach Breaks in Queensland

5 Great Beach Breaks in Queensland

When you think of Queensland, chances are that one of the first images that springs to mind is that of a quiet, gorgeous beach with great surf and sunny weather. There’s a good reason for this—Queensland is positively lousy with some of the greatest beaches and patches of surf in the country, and it’s for this reason that thousands of local and international tourists alike head to the Sunshine State for their holidays each year. We’ve put together a list of the top five beach breaks in Queensland, so that you can start planning your holiday, booking those day tours and dreaming of the tan you’re going to have when you return.

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The Most Glamorous Marinas in The World Nov 14


The Most Glamorous Marinas in The World

As I am sure you are all aware, being a mega, ultra or super-yacht owner can be quite a trial. As well as having to pick out the type and colour of craft you wish to possess, you then have to find somewhere to stick it. One of the great things about being a boat owner is the ability to sail and dock anywhere on earth, but sometimes parking your boat can cost as much as the boat itself. But where are the most exclusive, swanky, downright showbiz marinas on the planet? Here are a few choice selections…


How do you fancy dropping anchor, sipping champagne from your deck while watching a Formula 1 race right on the doorstep? All this is on offer at the remarkable Yas Marina on the man-made Yas Island, featuring the F1 circuit that snakes around the entire area (so be warned crossing the road if you pop out for a pint of milk). Plus there are a wide array of exclusive stores, gourmet restaurants and towering skyscrapers in this jaw-droppingly posh locale. And if you tire of all this boat-based relaxation, the extraordinary architectural structure that is the Yas Hotel is right outside.

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