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5 Great Beach Breaks in Queensland Nov 28

5 Great Beach Breaks in Queensland

5 Great Beach Breaks in Queensland

When you think of Queensland, chances are that one of the first images that springs to mind is that of a quiet, gorgeous beach with great surf and sunny weather. There’s a good reason for this—Queensland is positively lousy with some of the greatest beaches and patches of surf in the country, and it’s for this reason that thousands of local and international tourists alike head to the Sunshine State for their holidays each year. We’ve put together a list of the top five beach breaks in Queensland, so that you can start planning your holiday, booking those day tours and dreaming of the tan you’re going to have when you return.

The Sunshine Coast

Just a few hours’ drive north of Brisbane but a whole world away when it comes to the pace of life, the Sunshine Coast is blessed with some of the best surf in the country and the locals certainly aren’t afraid to get involved. Not only are there some great surf beaches around—there are some truly world-class surfers, too, which means that dozens of quaint little surf communities have sprung up around the coast, making it a very chilled out locations for a holiday.

Frasier Island

Off the coast of Hervey Bay is the spectacular nature reserve that is Frasier Island. You may think you’ve seen white sand and clear waters before, but unless you’ve visited the island and the stunning Lake Mackenzie located within, you just don’t know what you’re missing. Frasier Island is home to Australia’s last ‘pure’ dingo colony, and it’s possible to get up-close and personal with the creatures—as well as a whole host of other flora and fauna as well—on a guided 4WD safari.

The Whitsundays

Looking as though they were invented purely for the purpose of appearing on a postcard, the Whitsunday Islands are so beautiful you almost need to pinch yourself to believe they’re real. Turquoise waters, coral reefs, luxurious resorts and of course, mind-bogglingly beautiful beaches means that you’re in for one sun and sand-filled holiday.

Gold Coast

They don’t call it the Gold Coast for nothing, and you won’t be disappointed when you arrive to find some of the cleanest, most golden sand you’ve ever clapped eyes on. Not only are the beaches aesthetically beautiful, they make for some great surfing as well, which is why we’d recommend booking your Gold Coast accommodation in iconic Surfer’s Paradise for at least a while. Whether you’re willing to try your hand at surfing or you just want to watch the bronzed pros show you how it’s done, a visit to the Gold Coast is a quintessential beach adventure.

Hibiscus Coast

The Hibiscus Coast. Roll that name around on your tongue for a while and think of the exotic and tropical images it conjures up! North of Mackay, the stunning stretch of coastline is an oasis for the traveller looking for a bit of respite from crowded beaches. Tranquil and beautiful, the Hibiscus Coast is one Queensland beach destination you won’t ever want to leave.

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