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The Most Glamorous Marinas in The World Nov 14


The Most Glamorous Marinas in The World

As I am sure you are all aware, being a mega, ultra or super-yacht owner can be quite a trial. As well as having to pick out the type and colour of craft you wish to possess, you then have to find somewhere to stick it. One of the great things about being a boat owner is the ability to sail and dock anywhere on earth, but sometimes parking your boat can cost as much as the boat itself. But where are the most exclusive, swanky, downright showbiz marinas on the planet? Here are a few choice selections…


How do you fancy dropping anchor, sipping champagne from your deck while watching a Formula 1 race right on the doorstep? All this is on offer at the remarkable Yas Marina on the man-made Yas Island, featuring the F1 circuit that snakes around the entire area (so be warned crossing the road if you pop out for a pint of milk). Plus there are a wide array of exclusive stores, gourmet restaurants and towering skyscrapers in this jaw-droppingly posh locale. And if you tire of all this boat-based relaxation, the extraordinary architectural structure that is the Yas Hotel is right outside.


The Most Glamorous Marinas in The World

Right on the doorstep of the celebrity hangout that is South Beach, this massive marina can easily hold 400 yachts, though even with this many, getting a berth isn’t easy and is terribly expensive. Though its huge size doesn’t compromise the quality on offer, with facilities including heated swimming pools, a 24-hour on call concierge service, digital satellite TV and valet parking (not for the boats presumably). And the famous Art Deco buildings of the area and the outrageously lively nightlife give Miami Beach and extra dash of glamour.


One of the most dramatic and remarkable landscapes on the planet, the Amalfi coast is known for its glamour and beauty and Capri is perhaps the most exclusive spot in the area. The marina is one of the most expensive and luxurious in the world and berths are incredibly hard to come by. Hollywood celebrities and European royalty rub shoulders on the Island every year and shop at the myriad of designer stores, which pepper the island including top names such as Prada, Gucci and Versace. Though if you’re looking to get away from it all, it’s difficult to keep a low profile on the crowded bustling island.


In a place synonymous with excess and wealth, the marina at Monaco is can certainly be considered a millionaire’s playground. So glamorous is the port that it became a location in the James Bond film Goldeneye, surely the highest compliment a luxury destination can get. And whether your drifting along the promenade watching the mega-rich come and go, losing it all in the casino or sitting on your deck as the Monaco Grand Prix passes by, you’ll be overwhelmed by the sheer decadence of it all. And if you ever start to feel a little seasick, the nearby Le Meridien hotel has its own private beach, so you can escape those pesky Paparazzi.


Dubbed the ‘Spice Isle’, Grenada combines staggering natural beauty, a rich history and an exciting cultural side. This marina, sitting in a natural lagoon, features a whole host of treats for passing yachters including swimming pools, cable television, Wifi and an international airport just 15 minutes away, so you can jet off to an even more exclusive destination, should you be able to find one. But why would you need such distractions when the glorious beauty of the Grenadines is all around you and the rest of the Eastern Caribbean is waiting to be explored.

About the Author: Dale Shaw is a travel writer, currently working for Wish UK. If you’re looking for an exciting experience, then check the website out here to see if anything takes your fancy.

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