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5 Steps to A Safer Holiday Dec 05

5 Steps to A Safer Holiday

5 Steps to A Safer Holiday

When it comes to heading off on holidays, most people are concerned with having the most fun possible in the short amount of time they were able to get away for. Whether you like to spend your holidays taking jet boat rides around shallow rivers or luxuriating on secluded beaches, one thing is for certain: accidents, injuries and mishaps are sure to put a dampener on the fun you’re having, so check out our 5 steps to making sure you have a safe—and fabulous—holiday!

  1. Be Prepared

Whenever you’re heading off on holidays, it’s important to insure you are prepared should you become ill or injured. If you’re headed somewhere remote, it’s always a good idea to bring an emergency first aid kit, so that should you injure yourself you’ll be able to handle the situation—or at least improve your condition until you can make it to a doctor! Antiseptic cream, an emergency supply of antibiotics and bandages are all good ideas.

  1. Do Your Research

Find out what risks are involved with the place you’re visiting. If you’re off to the Amazon then obviously bugs and waterborne diseases are going to be a priority, whereas other areas could mean other risks—for example, icy terrain where you could slip, hot regions where dehydration could be an issue, and countries where extra vaccinations or immunizations might be necessary. Doing your research will insure you’re protected as much as you can be.

  1. Use Common Sense

Most accidents that happen on holiday come about because people have momentary lapses in judgment when they’re abroad. Whether it’s a case of too many cocktails by the pool or an inflated sense of your own athletic ability on the ski-slopes, not using your head often causes you to…well, fall on it! Make sure that you properly assess the risks involved while you’re away in unfamiliar territory, because you’re even more vulnerable when you’re away from home.

  1. Keep Abreast of Political Situations

Another safety risk when travelling in foreign countries is the potential of becoming caught up in civil unrest or political situations. Countries with more unstable political situations (or even countries with stable ones) can sometimes see issues which escalate into riots or violent outbreaks very quickly. As such, make sure you keep checking traveller’s information sites to avoid any trouble.

  1. Protect Yourself With Travel Insurance!

Before you head off anywhere, the best way to protect yourself is to make sure that you have a good travel insurance policy. While a travel insurance policy might not stop the accidents or mishaps from happening in the first place, it can really minimize the amount of angst these mishaps cause. Making sure that you won’t suffer financially from an accident or injury is one of the best ways to protect yourself on holiday, and travel insurance is something that nobody should leave home without.

Everyone wants a holiday to remember, but in order to remember it for all the right reasons, make sure you travel safe!

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