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Great Ways to Travel the World Dec 06

Great Ways to Travel the World.

Great Ways to Travel the World

Wanting to head off on an overseas adventure but not sure where to go or how you want to get there? Planning your travel can often be as exciting as the traveling itself! Here are 4 popular and great ways to travel the world.

  1. 1. Road Trip

If you want to travel and have complete flexibility over your destination and route, as well as those you travel with, then this can be an excellent option.

You will need to choose an area where driving is one of the convenient ways to get around, and where you won’t have to worry too much about parking or road traffic.

A simple Internet search for “road trip” however, will bring up some great and famous driving routes for you to take your pick from. Make sure you have decent travel and car insurance, and you’re set to go!

Using a rental car service instead of your own vehicle will mean you can have the option of a camper van or mobile home, meaning you can cut out the need to stay in motels overnight. You’ll also be able to cook your own meals – which could save you some money if your travel budget is tight.

  1. 2. Trains.

It might not be the fastest method of traveling, but overland trains can be a relaxing way to see the countryside as well as an economical option for the budget conscious traveler.

Often you can get train travel discounts for seniors, students, or other special passes if you are planning to travel exclusively by rail. The Eurail passes in Europe are particularly popular and have a large variety of different options for different countries and lengths of time.

The only downside is that you will not usually have control over those you share your train journey with. This can either be a blessing – you might meet great fellow travelers and friendly locals, or a curse – you’ll find yourself stuck with noisy or obnoxious travelling companions.

  1. 3. Air Travel.

There are now so many budget airline carriers flying frequently to popular destinations, that countries seem closer than ever!

Flight search engines such as will bring up all available flights across many carriers – and often some flights can be as little as $30! Be sure to check for hidden taxes and costs, such as for check-in baggage.

Also be aware that many of the budget airlines operate from smaller airports that aren’t always as easily accessible, necessitating a stay overnight at a nearby hotel. If you do your research well however, you’ll be able to cover a lot of ground for very little money.

  1. 4. Tour Groups.

These can be great for a number of reasons: the extra money you spend means you will have the benefit of tour guides who know the areas you are visiting, and who can take you to the great local restaurants and sights.

They will also take care of your accommodation, so you don’t have to wade through various hotel reviews; they can be a way to meet other like-minded travelers; and, should you run into any trouble, you’ll be around people who can help.

If you are the kind of person who enjoys routine and tends to stick to a schedule, then this is the option for you. Happy traveling!

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