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How to Survive Holidaying With Friends Dec 13

How to Survive Holidaying With Friends

How to Survive Holidaying With Friends

Holidaying with friends can be great fun and can bring everyone closer together. It can also drive you further apart and even ruin the friendship. Sometimes problems arise because you both had different ideas on how you wanted to spend your holidays. You may have wanted to stay in those serviced apartments in Sydney, whilst they wanted to head north and stay in those luxury apartments in Brisbane. Regardless, travelling with friends can be tricky!

Below we shall provide some essential holiday tips that will help you and your friends survive holidaying together.

Tip 1: Share the Holiday Planning

Try and get everyone involved in the holiday planning process and have them responsible for something. You don’t want anyone to feel left out or adversely feel like they have to organise and do everything. Holidays are meant to be fun, so share the fun around!

Tip 2: Work Out Holiday Budgets

Before you go on holidays together, sit down and discuss your holiday budgets and how the bills are going to be split.  You want to know how much everyone can afford and what kinds of things they want to pay for on the holiday. Some of you may want to fly first class and stay in a really expensive hotel. Some of you, however, may not be able to afford to splurge out too much. You may feel all bills should be split equally, whilst others may feel you should pay only for what you use. These are things you all need to discuss together.

Sorting out holiday budgets and who’s paying for what can help avoid awkward money situations and arguments later on.

Tip 3: Travel in Small Groups

Don’t invite your 350 friends on Facebook to go on holidays with you! Try and keep the groups small and make sure everyone knows each other.

You reduce the chances of any potential conflicts, whether they are personality conflicts or conflicts of interest, by having a small group of close-nit friends. It also means the holiday can have a more relaxed feel to it.

Tip 4: Establish Some Ground Rules

If you and your friends are all sharing the same accommodation, make sure you all establish some ground rules.

When it comes to house chores, make sure everyone is contributing equally. You don’t want one friend stuck doing all the cleaning and cooking whilst everyone relaxes and has a great time.

If travelling with kids from two different families try and compromise on some general rules that apply to all the children, such as bed times and their contribution to doing any chores. It’s important to establish some sort consistency and common routine for the children whilst on holidays.

Tip 5: Be Practical When Compromising

Holidaying with friends is all about making compromises. You have got to compromise on who does what chores, what you want to all see and do and where to stay.

There are going to be times when your friends may want to see or do something that doesn’t really interest you. Rather than dismissing their idea, try and compromise. Offer to go with them and have everyone participate in the experience, but ask them to also do something that interests you.

It’s important that everyone gets to do and see something that they want to do whilst on holidays. So, take turns in choosing what to do and where to go.

Tip 6: Have Some Alone Time

Whilst it’s great holidaying with friends — sometimes you just need to have a break from them. It’s important that you all get some alone time to do your own thing. Maybe go and see something that you wanted to see that you didn’t get a chance to do before.

Having a break lets everyone get some breathing space and forget each others annoying little habits that grate on you after a while.

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