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Top 5 Kuala Lumpur Attractions Dec 02

Top 5 Kuala Lumpur Attractions

Top 5 Kuala Lumpur Attractions

While staying at one of the many available Malaysia hotels, you will probably end up in the capital, Kuala Lumpur. This eminently modern and clean city represents everything that Asia is today: high tech and modern but also ancient and tied to millennial traditions. Our top 5 Kuala Lumpur attractions represent that mix of old and new so particular to Asian cities.

5. Sri Maha Sakthi Mhambigai Amman Temple

Yes, that’s a very long name, but Indians love long names. This 100-year-old temple is right next to an ultra-modern megamall in the middle of Kuala Lumpur. This makes for an interesting contrast, especially at night, when the temple is beautifully illuminated. Come for the Indian and Buddhist festivals (the temple serves for both) or simply for the beautiful statues guarding the entrance of the temple. Reflect on the meditating Buddha at the foot of the Bodhi tree or revel in the temple’s architecture.

4. Batu Caves

The Batu Caves are another Hindu religious site, this one dug in the heart of the mountains to the north of Kuala Lumpur. To access the caves and their treasure, you need to walk up 272 (exactly) steps, accompanied by quite bold monkeys. An impressive golden statue announces the entrance. If you’re into crowds, you should come during the annual festival of Thaipusam, when thousands and thousands of Hindus come and celebrate at the foot of the caves.

3. Chinatown Central Market

Malaysia is a unique mix of Chinese, Indian and Muslim cultures and the Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur is probably among the most interesting in the world.  The Central Market, once a temporary market housing food and produce, has now become a permanent structure with some interesting merchandise that changes with the seasons and the religious festivals. During the quiet times, the market showcases local art and culture through exhibitions. A must for tourists looking for the best souvenirs!

4. Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

This place is a paradise for bird watchers and nature lovers in general. If you spend enough time in this 20-hectare modern park, you might see many of the 200 species of birds present, whether loose in the park or in one of the many specialized aviaries (there are around 3,000 individual birds in total). The kids will particularly enjoy the parrot aviary!

  1. 1. Petronas Towers

The Petronas Towers are usually the reason why people want to go to Kuala Lumpur. Even though they’re not the tallest skyscrapers anymore (they were beaten in 2004 by Taipei’s 101), they are still the highest twin towers in the world. Catch a concert at the famous Dewan Filharmonik concert hall or snatch some pictures of the city from the Sky Bridge, hanging between the two towers.

Of course, whenever traveling abroad, protect yourself with good travel insurance. Malaysia is a fascinating country with lots of cultures and contrasts, and Kuala Lumpur is probably one of the most interesting cities in the world to visit. Have we left out any of your favourite Kuala Lumpur sights? Let us know in the comments!

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