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Safety Tips For The Adventurous Traveller Feb 21

If you’re the kind of traveller that likes to unwind at a slightly more adrenaline-fuelled pace than your average tourist, then this article is for you. An increasing number of travellers are seeking out bigger and better thrills, whether that means a hair-raising jet boat ride around a shallow river or throwing yourself out of a plane in a skydive.

Occasionally we hear stories in the news of situations in which these adventurous feats somehow go awry, and while in many countries the adventure travel industry is well regulated and safe, there are nevertheless things that need to be taken into consideration. From a safety point of view, here are a few tips to make sure you come home happy, relaxed and in one piece!

Safety Tips for Travel

Do Your Research

Whether you’re deciding on a skydiving operator or a bungee jump to take, you need to put in the hard yards and do a little research before committing. You’ll be surprised to discover that in some countries, different tour operators or adventure companies offer wildly varying safety standards—so it pays to figure out which ones have a better reputation.

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6 Things to know about Australian Beaches Feb 09

Beaches are one of the most attractive features of Australia. Every tourist wants to visit and swim at world famous beach resorts. However, few visitors realise that there are some important facts that should be known before going to a beach. Travel insurance is necessary for everybody intending to swim, in case of accident. It is also best to stay in local accommodation such as serviced apartments. Sydney apartments will have concierges who will advise visitors on safe beach practices.

Australian Beaches

Some basic tips for visiting Australian beaches are:

  • Swim between the flags
  • Be careful of rips
  • Read signs for information
  • Beware of blue bottles
  • Be sun aware
  • Know shark safety

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