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3 Reasons to Choose a Cruise for Your Next Holiday Mar 01

Sure, you may have seen a few episodes of ‘The Love Boat’, or spoken to a few people who have been on a cruise, but until you’ve experienced the sheer luxury, elegance and fun of a cruising holiday, you really don’t know what you’re missing out on. Cruising holidays are a great way to see everything you want to see without the hassle of organising transfers, individual hotels and transport. People love them for how easy they are—simply book, hop on-board and sail to your destination in style. Whether you’re hankering for the tropical sun and relaxation of a Fiji holiday package or the cultural explosion that comes with experiencing South East Asia, you should think about incorporating a cruise into your travel plans.

Fiji holiday package

Here are three reasons why a cruise is the best way to travel:


  1. Getting There is Half the Fun!


How many of us hop on a plane to our destination and immediately begin wishing the hours away, killing time by watching movies, reading, or trying to sleep in the cramped little seats while a three-year-old behind you kicks your chair. With cruising, the ‘getting there’ part – the part we usually wish was over fastest – is the best part of the whole experience, with the freedom to stretch out, laze by the pool, and enjoy a cocktail while you wait to arrive.


  1. The Kids Are Entertained


Finding a family holiday that truly pleases the whole family can be a bit of a mission. Many cruise lines have dedicated kids clubs where kids of all ages can enjoy themselves with craft activities, competitions, dance classes and a range of other pursuits with other kids their own age. That leaves mum and dad free to relax with a cocktail, and the whole family feels rejuvenated when it comes time to go ashore and explore the local destinations.


  1. Beautiful Food


There’s a saying that you always come back from a cruise with a souvenir—an extra few kilos around the mid-section! Because most cruise prices include all meals and snacks, there’s no need to go searching for quality food – it’s right there in front of you, practically 24 hours a day. With snack bars, breakfast and lunch buffets, a range of different dining options and tastes, you can rest assured that one thing you won’t experience will be hunger pangs!


If you’re unsure of what your next holiday will be, consider taking a cruise. There are cruise ships and lines that go all over the world, with a wide range of costs and itineraries. Whether you take a week-long Fiji cruise or go wild with a month-long tour through the Pacific Ocean, you are sure to have an amazing time.

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