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Down Under Cruise and Dive Adventures Mar 18

If you are travelling around Australia and want to see all of the best there is to see, you had better have a lot of time on your hands as this country is jam packed with fantastic treats. If you have already gone on one of the Hunter Valley wine tours and have checked out the Outback, you should now concentrate your energies on exploring the water! The following are some great options for cruises and diving that will be sure to be some of the highlights of your trip.

Dive Adventures

Sydney Harbour Cruises


You really haven’t seen Sydney until you have been on a harbour cruise, as this is the best way to get a proper look at this magnificent city. Whether you go for a classy dinner cruise or head out to check out the Heads, you will feel like you are floating in a postcard as you slowly explore what is one of the world’s finest harbours. So if you haven’t been on a harbour cruise yet, get your camera gear ready and go on one as soon as you can!


Dive The Reef


If you like scuba diving, you know what you need to do; head straight up to the Great Barrier Reef and spend a good few days exploring this underwater wonderland. One of the natural wonders of the world, there really is nothing like it anywhere in the world, so give yourself plenty of time to properly check it out. It is some of the best diving you will do in your entire life!


The Spirit of Tasmania


If you want to travel between mainland Australia and Tasmania, take your time and get on one of Australia’s most luxurious ferries. You can just get a seat or book yourself into a fancy cabin for the ten hour ride, though either way you will be glad you didn’t just fly as there is nothing like being out on the open ocean. Apart from being a comfortable and scenic way to get to or from Tasmania, a big benefit is that you can bring your car and make getting around once you are there way cheaper and easier.


Tasman Peninsula Cave Diving


The next best thing to diving the Great Barrier Reef is to check out some of the underwater caves on Tasmania’s rugged coast of the Tasman Peninsula. One of the scenes from the classic convict tale, “For The Term Of His Natural Life”, describes some of these incredible caves, though whether you have read the book or not, you are guaranteed to be awestruck by these amazing caves and their diverse marine life. A real treat for anyone who likes to scuba dive, make sure you make the most of being so close to something so beautiful.


Whether you are cruising or diving, any way you choose to get out onto and into the water in Australia is generally a good idea. A plus about being an island is that there is no shortage of water and it’s very different depending on which part you decide to go to. So enjoy your water adventures down under, you’ll find yourself pining for it when you are no longer close by.

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