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Port Campbell, Australia: A Simple Overview Mar 13

Nestled on the coast on the western end of the Great Ocean Road is one of Victoria’s cutest and friendliest towns, Port Campbell. This charming little place is not only in a beautiful location but has everything you would want from a great holiday destination. The following are just some of the reasons you should stop in and pay a decent length visit to Port Campbell.


Port Campbell is located 280 kilometres west of Melbourne and is an essential stop on any Great Ocean Road tours. This cute little hamlet will have you within striking distance of some of the biggest highlights of the Great Ocean road, such as the iconic 12 Apostles and London Bridge.

Port Campbell, Australia


Port Campbell was established as a community in 1870, building its first wharf 10 years later. Famous as the sight of some major shipwrecks, Port Campbell has slowly grown to be one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Great Ocean Road, and has a population on just over 600 actual residents.


No matter what your budget, there is sure to be the perfect place for you to stay here in Port Campbell accommodation options include a choice of 5 hotels, several great local B&B’s and a beautiful caravan park where you can set up your tent, RV or check into one of the homey on site cabins. Port Campbell gets extremely busy in the summer, so if you’ll be here then, make sure you book well in advance to secure a place.


Port Campbell has everything that you’ll need, from groceries and fishing supplies, to a petrol station with a great local mechanic on duty. The Tourist Information Centre here is very good too, and while you won’t find any bank branches, there are a few ATM’s where you can access your cash. Along with a great little book shop, a bakery and a even a post office for sending off all those postcards, Port Campbell has pretty much everything, though if you experience a health problem, you will have to go to nearby Timboon to find a health centre.


Located in such a spectacular place, it makes sense that there are a few good local tours operating out of Port Campbell. To name just a few, here you’ve got diving tours that have you scuba diving some of the great old shipwrecks off the coast, fishing tours that are almost sure to net you a few decent size fish, as well as numerous helicopter tours of the Great Ocean Road that depart from the nearby 12 Apostles.

Port Campbell is one of those places that you will want to stay on longer at, as its laid back vibe makes you want to just scrap all of your plans and relax, just what you need when touring the often hectic and crowded Great Ocean Road. The beach here is beautiful too, so if nothing else, stop for some food and then go down to the beach to make it one of your trip’s best lunch breaks.



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