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Why You Should Think Small On Your Next Big Cruise Mar 10

Going on a cruise is always going to be awesome, whether you go on a huge world tour or a smaller pacific cruise. But when it comes to cruises, there is something to be said for smaller sometimes meaning better. The following are a few of the reasons why you may want to try a smaller cruise for your next big trip.

Meet More People / Less Isolating

Even though the idea of a huge boat with lots of people might sound appealing to some, it can often be harder to meet people when there are so many around, and can have people end up feeling quite isolated. Smaller boats on the other hand allow you to be able to familiarise yourself with others on board, and you have more chance of seeing each other around if you do want to be able to hang out.

pacific cruise

Better Service

Smaller cruises mean there are less people to be taken care of, making it so that you get better service and more attention from the staff. You also have a better chance of getting to know the staff when there are less passengers on board, which can often make a cruise that little bit more special. Going on a smaller cruise can be like staying in one of the nicer boutique luxury resorts, on the sea.

More Remote Locations

Physically smaller cruise boats are able to get to far more remote locations, as they don’t need incredibly deep water to be able to get to those harder to reach places. While large cruise boats will often ferry you out to these remote destinations, it is far nicer just cruising through will all the comforts of your entire cruise ship. Overall, a smaller cruise boat will have you a bit more off the beaten path.


Most of the world’s cruises are run out of a few main cruise line companies, however there are often some great small companies operating out of the local area. These companies are great choices for their local knowledge alone, and by supporting them, you will also be helping to support the local economy of the beautiful places you are cruising around and enjoying. Obviously do your best to check reviews of companies before paying anyone any money.

Less Impact

A major cruise liner can have a huge impact on the underwater ecosystems, making smaller cruises a plus when it comes to the environment. Unless you want to cruise around in canoes, you will be having a sizeable impact on the environment regardless, though think about whether you really need to be travelling around in a ship the size of a small town, and choose your cruise accordingly.

There are lots of benefits to smaller cruises, from offering more unique experiences to being easier to make new friends, not to mention of course often being quite a bit cheaper. If you are looking for an ultra luxurious cruise, bigger doesn’t always mean better, and more often than not the experience of being on a smaller cruise can be far more satisfying.

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