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Travelling from Melbourne to Sydney by Car May 14

The drive from Melbourne to Sydney is a fabulous one, though only if you take your time and go the long way. This stretch of coastline offers some of Australia’s most magnificent scenery, wildlife, towns and people, and it is worth taking your time to see it properly. The following are some of the stand-out places that you should be sure to stop at along the way.

Wilson’s Prom

The southernmost point of mainland Australia is well worth a visit, even though it is a little far. The drive from Melbourne is spectacular, especially once you get to Leongatha, as you wind your way down through beautiful rolling hills before entering the National Park at Wilson’s Promontory. If you have time, it is absolutely worth spending a night or two here, as there are a number of gorgeous cabins to rent, and between the wildlife and the hiking there is plenty to see and do.

Melbourne to Sydney by Car

Lake’s Entrance

The drive up to the Lake’s Entrance from ‘the Prom’ is absolutely gorgeous, and the Lake’s Entrance makes for the perfect spot to take a break, get a bite to eat and enjoy stunning views of the ocean.

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