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Alpari World Match Racing Tour Cancels Portugal Event Jul 09

Organisers of the Portimão Portugal Match Cup, have announced that Portugal has been removed as a venue for the 2012 Alpari World Match Racing Tour calendar. Struggling under increasing financial pressure, it is likely that lack of sponsorship from governmental authorities and commercial partners is to blame for the late withdrawal of the host venue. Unlike other sailing events, the Alpari World Match Racing Tour events require a great deal of money to organise and maintain, especially when racing boats must be provided for competing teams. Portugal is not the only European country struggling, which begs the question whether further host venues will find themselves in similar financial difficulty along the line.

Alpari World Match Racing Tour representatives stated:
“The decision to cancel the 2012 Portimão Portugal Match Cup follows lengthy discussions between the Tour and Sun Sailing Team where both parties sought a solution to retain the event. Unfortunately, the funding for the event has been severely impacted by the current economic situation in Portugal and some of the key funding partners are unable to commit their support to the regatta this year. The Tour looks forward to hopefully welcoming the Portimão Portugal Match Cup back into the series in 2013.”

alpari world racing

Despite the tour’s loss of another European host venue, tour organisers and participants are welcoming the involvement of the USA for the first time in 2012. New venues in Europe and beyond are anticipated to be announced for the 2013 tour.

The Alpari World Match Racing Tour set sail just a few short weeks ago, kicking off with the Match Race Germany event in Langenargen. Competing over the course of seven months, match racers will battle it out in nine World Championship events held across the globe. Sanctioned by the International Sailing Federation, some of the world’s finest match racers will compete in this prestigious global sailing event for the Match Racing World Championship title and a prize pot of USD 1.75 million.

Nine Tour Card Holders will compete in identically supplied racing yachts to place the focus on team work and skill. Sailing experience and technical ability will be essential in order to outrun their competitors. Points awarded at each event will culminate in the winners receiving the prestigious title of ISAF Match Racing World Champion.

The association of Alpari companies has signed a landmark five-year global sponsorship deal with the World Match Racing Tour in hopes of giving fans the opportunity to sample the delights of Forex trading. Fans of the Tour will even be able to meet members of the Alpari team to learn more about online trading and the global race to become profitable on the markets. There will be a well-placed Alpari stand where visitors will be able to find out more about trading tools and the benefits of trading with Alpari’s. Intent on showcasing their unique trading experience, visitors will also get a chance to try their luck in the Currency Catch booth. From grabbing as much currency as they can to entering prize draws, The Alpari World Match Racing Tour seeks to bring a competitive spirit to every aspect of the events.

Alpari (UK) COO David Stuart said, “We are proud to be the title sponsor of the Alpari World Match Racing Tour. This thrilling global series appeals to the same competitive, goal-driven minds that trading attracts and we see many similarities between the Tour and Alpari.”

Both the Tour and Alpari (UK) Ltd will be looking to increase their fan base with compelling coverage of all the events.

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