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How to Toss a Stag Do Your Mates Will Not Forget Jul 25

In recent years, stag dos have evolved from a simple night down the pub with friends to an extravagant weekend-long hedonistic adventure. If you want to make sure your stag do stands out from the rest, the following tips should keep you on the right track.

Setting up a modern-day stag do is no easy feat. The days when a drunken evening down the pub the night before the wedding would suffice have long gone and multi-activity weekends, often hosted outside the UK, are fast becoming the norm.

Toss a Stag

If you want to be sure that your stag do attains legendary status among all those who attend, you’ll need to prepare everything long in advance of the actual event. This will give all the guests plenty of time to save up and arrange a few days off work. It should also help keep the costs down by allowing the group to take advantage of discounts for booking early.

The first step is to work out where and when to go and what to do while you are there. To allow for the unexpected – and for the groom to make a full recovery – the stag weekend should never take place less than two weeks before the wedding day.

In addition to lots of heavy drinking, the very best modern stag weekends will usually include an exciting outdoor activity such as paintballing, quad biking or go kart racing. Exhilarating experiences of this kind help bring the whole group together. They also give you plenty to talk about when you hit the bars later in the day.


The best locations for stag dos are those with a wide range of daytime entertainment options as well as a great selection of bars and clubs that are open well into the small hours. Time and budgetary constraints will dictate your choice to some degree, but it’s still important, however, to make sure as many of the guests as possible are happy with the decision. If you can’t decide between multiple options, go with the groom’s favourite.

Think carefully about how many people to invite, especially in terms of the number of hotel rooms and taxis that will be required to accommodate and transport everyone from place to place. The more of you there are, the greater the amount of effort and organisation that will be required to keep things running smoothly. That said, if there are ten or more of you in your party, you can potentially save even more money by asking from group discounts at all the hotels, bars and restaurants you visit.

Although it may be tempting to arrange the whole thing yourself, this could easily be a recipe for disaster. While some venues welcome stag parties with open arms, others bar them completely. If you do not know where you can go in advance, it is all too easy to end up stranded.


Booking your stag do through a specialist company means you can relax and have a good time along with the other guests instead of worrying about the little details. From transfers to and from the airport to taking part in professionally supervised activities to prearranged entry to clubs that are happy to allow stag parties to enter, everything will be taken care of well in advance.

If the groom is inviting friends from different social circles such as work colleagues and old school friends, it may be worth arranging a pre-stag do evening so that everyone can get to know each other a little before the big weekend. This would also be a good time to check if anyone has special dietary requirements or disabilities.

Regardless of who is making the arrangements, it’s a good idea to have one person from the group responsible for collecting all the money. In addition to paying in advance for hotels and flights, you should collect a kitty to pay for drinks and club entry so that these costs are shared equally.

The most important rule for any stag do is to take good care of the groom. A mild prank or two is acceptable, but anything that leaves permanent scars, physical or emotional, is best avoided or at the very least saved until after the wedding.

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