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How to Make Your Yacht Feel More Like Your Home Dec 24

Whether you’re cruising around the Caribbean, watching ice floes off the coast of Alaska, or having a little offshore party near your home port, your yacht can start to feel like an endless excursion on a floating hotel after a while. And while this may hold some appeal during short vacations, a cruise lasting longer than a few days could have you missing the comforts of home. Even a nicely appointed vessel still has portholes for windows and a yard made of saltwater. Luckily, there are all kinds of ways to make your home away from home feel a little more, well, homey. Here are just a few tips that will leave your water-bound pleasure craft so comfortably familiar that you’ll never want to return to the mainland.

yacht interior

The first thing you could do, if you’re so inclined, is create rooms aboard your ship that mimic rooms in your home. For example, the mattress and headboard that you love in your rural residence can be purchased and placed in the bedroom of your yacht, as well. You could even configure it in the same way, with a television affixed over the fireplace, a couple of chairs in the corner, and even a walk-in closet on the left-hand side of the bed, just where it is at home. Okay, so it won’t be exactly the same since the dimensions of your yacht are likely a little smaller than those in your home. But you can get a rough approximation so that you don’t wake up each morning wondering where the heck you are.

Of course, that’s a pretty literal interpretation of the task at hand. There are other ways to make your yacht feel more like home without having to transplant the interior of your house onto your ship. For one thing, you could think about the hallmarks that remind you of home. Perhaps you heave a sigh of relief when you walk in the door after a hard day and hear your spouse playing a favorite jazz album while dinner is being prepared. Maybe it’s the scent of baking bread, floral arrangements, or detergent on freshly laundered sheets. Perhaps there is a favorite chair that has conformed to your particular dimensions after many years of breaking in. All of these things can mirrored on your yacht, and heck, you could even bring your favorite chair on board.

You might also simply try making the space your own. Instead of installing the standard furnishings and décor that make your interior look like a designer showcase, think about including personal items like your favorite quilt, family photos, and an eclectic mix of tchotchkes you’ve picked up during the course of your travels. Residing in a space will naturally make it more familiar over time, but if you fail to imbue it with your personality it will never truly feel like home. So bring your ratty old chair aboard, hire home ventilation experts to set up the space so that you can smell cookies baking throughout the entire ship, and bring your friends and family along for the ride. If you want your yacht to feel like home, all you need to do is sprinkle in pieces of your home life.

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