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How to Pack For a Yachting Holiday? 9 Priceless Tips That Will Save You Time and Space in Your Suitcase! Oct 03

Looking at the leaves that are falling from the tree and staring at the sun that is not as powerful as it was in the summer.. As much as I love the colors of autumn, still wish I was somewhere in the ocean. On the beach maybe? No, this time I’m getting ready for a trip on a yacht. A luxury yacht for a perfect yachting holiday !

Yachting vacation

One of the many questions that are flying through my head is – what to pack for that yachting holiday? I’m sure that is one thing that always cross your mind too. So, I have some helpful advices on what to take, and what NOT to take with you, so your holiday can be perfect as you imagine it.

Passport and suitcase1) Whatever you pack, don’t forget your passport! Maybe this sounds funny to you, but in all that fuss about airports, traveling, booking, what dress to take, what perfume to were, do I need heels or not…is easy to forget about your passport. So be careful about it, without the passport you can get to the airport custom and only say “Bye bye” to the plane (if you’re traveling by plane of course). Anyway, you get my point – passport is the first thing that you’ll write on your packing list.

2) You have to make a so called “packing list”. I travel since I was 5 years old and believe me, it is much easier to pack, when you make a list of things that you really need for that trip. Write everything you think that you’ll need there. Then, think again, and cross some thing on your list that don’t feel like you need them too much. Read this article to the end, there are some advices that will help you make a great list. And of course, pack ONLY things that are on the list.

3) No matter how much you like your new dresses and high heels, remember, you’re going to be on a yacht. Yes, a luxury yacht provide much more space than some little boat, but still, remember, cabins are small and you don’t want to spend your holiday struggling whit your luggage and trying to fit all in limited space. So, this is advice that you hear a lot, but I’ll say it once again : Pack it light! You’re going on a holiday, not on a competition “who has the heaviest and biggest suitcase”.

4) Swimwear. Do not forget your swimwear, because most of the time you’ll be wearing it. Take 3-4 pairs, more than 5 is more in your suitcase, and you’ll probably wear 2 or 3 the most of the time.

5) Sunglasses, hats, a necklace… Some accessories that will complete your style while you’re enjoying in the sun. Take hats in neutral colors (white, beige) or something that can match with your swimwear. But white hat matches everything! And when you fell that you gave enough of the sun all over your body, cover yourself with a light kaftan or sarong. They are made of light materials, don’t take much space in your suitcase, so you can bring more in different colors.

6) If you’re thinking about trousers, I recommend linen trousers. Linen is a great and light fabric and is easy to pack. You can combine your lined trousers with strapless top, big black sunglasses, wide brimmed hat and cocktail in your hand…


7) Maxi dress is an excellent idea for your holiday. You can were it in the evening, when is cocktail time. It is very stylish if you can combine it with jeweled sandals and some jewels on your hands and neck…whatever is your favorite choice. Also, you can dress up for an elegant daily look. Put some sunglasses, flip flops and elegant day bag for your things.

8 )
Mosquito repellents! It is not some favorite thing to wear, but I’m sure you don’t like those annoying little things flying and buzzing around you. So, take some repellents, but don’t take the ones that smell very strong. The odor is not measurement for their efficiency. It is for the best if you can take a odorless one.

9) Suncream for your skin. Don’t let your skin burn, because you’ll stay on the open and the sun is stronger than you think there! Also, don’t stay all day long in the sun, so you don’t have to spend the rest of your yachting holiday lying in your cabin, hiding from the sun because of your sunburns! Remember to protect your lips too, so you may consider taking some lip balm that keep your lips moist and smooth.

 It doesn’t matter if you don’t take a lot of cloths. You’ll be going there to have some fun! It is more important to take a good spirit and positivity with you. That will assure you a great holiday! Everything else you can write on your packing list and pack it up. So, get up, write your packing list and have a great yachting holiday!





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