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The Best Vacation Spots to Take Your Yacht Nov 04

Taking a yacht into the open waters is one of the best ways to travel. Besides having a crew to take care of your every need, the greatest advantage is the freedom to explore places far from the focus of tourism on more exciting level.

Monaco is considered to be the unofficial capital of the international yachting community.  Nice and Canes are on the top of the list of the Hollywood jet set especially during the film festival. If you fancy something for the younger crowd you may start with Ibiza the clubbing capital of the world. If partying is not your thing, the island is full with beautiful historical places and eye catching scenery. Another great destination is Dubrovnik, a city on the cost of the Adriatic sea, offering a laid back atmosphere between the ancient walls.

We move along to the Caribbean and the Island of Martinique. A great place for a little adventure and a opportunity to see rainforests and great volcanoes.  The Spanish Virgin Islands – Culebra and Vieques are uprising places with magnificent beaches and surreal surroundings. The next places are for those with more adventures spirit.

Labrador is a great destination to enjoy some of the most remote communities with its rocky coastline and rich wildlife. When you think of yachting locations Amazon isn`t the first place that comes to your mind, but the mighty river can offer great excitement and a chance to get familiar with its many species of wildlife. Just make sure you don`t take a swim into a Piranhas infested waters J

Our final destination is reserved for the greatest explorers. Even though the Galapagos Islands are becoming a tourist draw, they are still the Mecca of wildlife.  If you even decide to get there make sure to see the tortoise and various marine lizards.

Most important, whenever you decide to sail make sure you absorb the culture and lifestyle of your surroundings.

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