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Top Three Things To Consider When Thinking About Purchasing A Boat Jan 13

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There are many people who are considering to buy a boat or yacht, but very often they do not have the large picture what they will do with it or how they will use it. Before doing any decision you must ask yourself how you will use your boat, how many people you will like to sail with you, are they family members, kids, business partners, friends or you have someone else in mind… Then you will need to consider how you and your friends will use your boat? Are you going just to sail? Or you will like to go fishing sometimes? Do you consider to buy a big ship and have another smaller boat on board?

Most of the boat buyers belongs to this three groups:

1. Boat or yacht owners who just like to sail with their families, friends and business partners. They usually sail two or three times par year and every trip is typically three to nine days long. If you can see yourself in this group you will probably like to buy a boat or yacht which will offer you luxury and accommodation, but you do not need to buy a boat which have a capacity for longer trips or any additional equipment.

2. Many boat owners are changing their entire life style after the purchasing of the boat. They often stay on the boat and they are using it as a second home, but there are people who live on the boat most of the time. If you live in a coastal city with a large, modern and well equipped marina you can decide to follow this lifestyle. In this case you will need a boat or yacht which do not be a speed breaker, but to offer space, comfort and luxury second to none. If you consider to spend most of the year on your boat or yacht you might need to take care for some additional equipment as smaller boat for commuting around, davit for lifting more heavier supplies on the boat and few other things.

3. Some boat owners like to party on their boat and fishing is one of the favored fun to do… In this case your boat need to be equipped with some additional equipment for fishing, but also to have smaller  boat, davit for lifting the boat and other equipment, storage for baits and catch and so on…

No matter in which category of boat owners you are, I would like to recommend you to watch this yacht davit video which can be found on the web site of UMT Marine International. Before visiting their web site and watching their yacht davit video I did not had a slightest idea what a regular boat owner need to consider before buying a boat.

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