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Preparing Yourself for a Boating Emergency Feb 27

Boating can be a thrill for some and a relaxing separation from working life for others but unfortunately, the threat of an emergency is always the same. You never know what might happen when you find yourself in a remote part of the world in the middle of the ocean, so it’s always vitally important to come prepared on any voyage.

Emergencies could be just around the corner and could even put your life in danger at times, so it’s essential that you come fully equipped for any potential disaster. Here are some of the things you need to watch out for should you be planning a boating trip in the coming weeks.


This might seems like something you really don’t have to concern yourself with. You get a bit sea sick before it eventually passes and you continue enjoying your boating holiday. However, sea sickness can be more than just a nuisance; in fact it could have disastrous consequences if not dealt with properly.

For some, sea sickness goes away after a few minutes but for others it lingers for days. If you’re not feeling 100% then you risk being incapable of remaining cautious and alert at all times. You can discuss sea sickness with your doctor or simply find out the best treatment for you at a local pharmacy.

Stormy Weather

This is one of the biggest and most popular fears for anyone travelling on a boat and Wolfgang Peterson’s 2000 thriller “The Perfect Storm” didn’t help much. Storms are a genuine threat and whilst they aren’t as common as you would think they can potentially cause plenty of damage to your boat.

You’ll need to make sure you have all the necessary equipment on board, such as chafing gear for protection purposes. If the weather gets really bad, you’ll need sturdy harnesses to keep you from falling overboard.

Falling Overboard

It’s a common scenario that every sailor should be prepared for. In case you fall overboard you should always make sure you’re equipped with a lifejacket.

You could also go for an inflatable PFD which is capable of keeping you afloat for longer periods if you could potentially be stranded for a significant amount of time until help arrives.

The Ship Sinks

It’s unlikely but there’s always the chance that your boat is damaged in some way during stormy weather or as a result of a collision. In any case, having the right gear onboard to prepare you for abandoning ship is essential.

You’ll need an inflatable lifeboat to rely on and also some flares to alert other sailors of your situation. Having the correct equipment onboard maximises your chances of getting out of the situation quickly and without incident.


Charles Cross is a sailing enthusiast with over 20 years experience tackling the waves. He has submitted this post on behalf of Island Charters, providers of luxury yacht charters out of the Isle of Wight

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