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Top 4 Reasons To Upgrade Your Boat Feb 12

If you own a boat or are looking to purchase a new boat, you may have been researching various features and types of boating accessories available.  Since purchasing a boat is typically an investment for most people, it may be hard to think about spending more money for your boat.  However, a tower is one feature that you should seriously consider when contemplating whether or not to upgrade or update your boat.  Here are the top four reasons you should buy a boat tower.

1. Increased Hang-Time For Water Sports

In order to understand the first reason why you should buy a tower, you need to understand the history of boat towers.  In the early days of wakeboarding, individuals quickly learned that they could get a longer hang time by raising the tie-off point of their rope.  This began the use of the extended pylon which is simply a system including a pole with straps and supports to hang your rope off of.  While the pylon was an excellent way to increase hang-time, there were some drawbacks including instability and decreased space on the boat.

In the mid-1990s, the boat tower was invented by following the example of the tuna tower on fishing boats.  One of the greatest benefits of the boat tower is that it raises the rope’s tie-off point which offers increased hang time for the wakeboarder.

2. More Space in Your Boat

If you already own a boat, you know that you typically take the maximum number of passengers allowed during an excursion.  Whether it is because you have teenagers who are bringing along all their friends or you simply want to take all your friends, your boat is and will be pretty crowded with people.  This is where a boat tower comes in handy.  By installing a boat tower, you increase the space on your boat by being able to install racks, speakers, lighting and more.  Instead of having a pylon, wakeboards, skis and more on the floor of your boat, you can free up space by having all these items stored on your tower.

3.  Improved Stability

Another reason to install a tower on your boat is because it offers increased stability.  If you have wakeboarded on the back of a boat without a tower, you may have noticed the rope getting hung up on various parts of the boat, not to mention the minimal hang-time.  By installing a high-quality tower you will benefit from greater stability without creaking, bending or rattling noises.  In addition to the increased stability during wakeboarding, a tower offers great support when moving around the boat.  It is easy to hang on to and gives added stability when climbing in and out of your boat.

4.  Better Tower Options

Because boat towers have been around for several years, there are more options and better pricing available now than ever before.  Sites like Wake Essentials offer many collapsible towers and towers that come in all sizes and colors to fit your exact needs.  You will also be excited to find fun wakeboard boat accessories such as speakers, mirrors and lights that customize your boat in your own unique way.

Now that you know the top four reasons for purchasing a boat tower, find out your boat dimensions and start shopping for your tower today!

Presented by Big Air Wake Towers

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