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6 of the Healthiest Fish you Should be Eating Mar 20

Fish remains to be very healthy protein source and people are encouraged to eat it at least twice a week for the healthy benefits that it has to offer. Oily fish especially comes with healthy brain and heart benefits thanks to the Omega 3 fats they contain. There is however fish that are not as healthy as some contain toxins and hence many people will be asking which fish types are healthiest to eat. Six of the best and most healthy fish to eat include:

1. Tuna; in this case it should be albacore tuna considering that many tuna are known to contain high levels of mercury which can be harmful to your health. Albacore tuna is usually small in size and therefore contains lower levels of the mercury making it very healthy. It has lower levels of contaminants considering that it is pole caught from the colder waters on the north.

2. Salmon; salmon that is wild caught in Alaska is also very healthy. This is because the water quality here is high as a result of the close monitoring of the Salmon fishery. The salmon have 1,210 mg of the important Omega3 fats for every 3 ounce and carry very few contaminants making them stand out from the other salmon fishery.

3. Sardines; packing 1,950 mg of omega3 fats for every 3 ounce of serving. According to the folks at the marine superstore – –  the sardines wild caught in the Pacific are very healthy to eat. This type of fish also makes it to the list of foods which contain vitamin D naturally. Most fish that fall under herring family are commonly classified as sardines and are healthy for human consumption.

4. Rainbow trout; lake trout are known for their high levels of contaminants but farmed rainbow trout do not have the contaminants making them healthy to eat. This is because they are farmed in freshwater ponds and also raceways where they are well protected from all kinds of contaminants. They are fed healthy fishmeal diet that conserves resources.

5. Oysters; they are very healthy especially farmed ones which are now readily available in the market. They contain more that 300mg of the omega3 fats for every 3 ounce serving and also contain iron values that are recommended. They are not only very healthy to eat but also very helpful for the environment as they feed on algae and natural nutrients in the end improving the water quality. They also do work like natural reefs which attract and also provide other fish with food.

6. Coho Salmon; this should be the freshwater Coho salmon usually farmed in tank systems. It is considered the only healthy Coho salmon considering that even farmed salmons remain under the list of fish to avoid simply because the overcrowded farming exposes the fish to lots of parasites. When in the closed fresh water tanks or pens, they feed less and are never contaminated offering high levels of omega3 fats up to 1,025 mg for every 3 ounce.

In as much as it is important to eat fish, you want to make sure that the fish you are settling for is healthy and without any contaminants that could put your health at risk.

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