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The Best Vacation Spots to Take Your Yacht Nov 04

Taking a yacht into the open waters is one of the best ways to travel. Besides having a crew to take care of your every need, the greatest advantage is the freedom to explore places far from the focus of tourism on more exciting level.

Monaco is considered to be the unofficial capital of the international yachting community.  Nice and Canes are on the top of the list of the Hollywood jet set especially during the film festival. If you fancy something for the younger crowd you may start with Ibiza the clubbing capital of the world. If partying is not your thing, the island is full with beautiful historical places and eye catching scenery. Another great destination is Dubrovnik, a city on the cost of the Adriatic sea, offering a laid back atmosphere between the ancient walls.
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For those who want more from their yacht or boat, the new Benetti Ocean Paradise luxury yacht is the right choice Jul 24

The official presentation of this 55m long yacht will take place at the Monaco Yacht Show scheduled for the coming September 25-28. The Ocean Paradise reflects everything a billionaire wants to have. This modern vessel has a unique style, a refreshingly different design, and a decorative touch of luxury.

Ocean paradise

This luxury yacht has a sharp and impressive appearance revealing boldness and confidence, strength and elegance. It offers a complete range of luxury amenities that’ll successfully satisfy any kinds of guests. The yacht is an oasis of style and glamour offering everyone on board chic accommodation, spacious ambience, luxurious services, and some surprising details in the design. It is designed to satisfy the specifications of the owner from Singapore, combining high-tech and ultra luxurious design, but anyone on board the yacht is going to enjoy enormously.

The interior design of the Ocean Paradise combines transparent materials, and large windows, for example. There are four guest cabins and a main suite with a terrace on the upper deck. The upper deck is a home to a private beach club, solarium, swimming pool with waterfall, fitness center and a mini bar.


Among the top 10 manufacturers of large yachts in the world, five are Italian, and Azimut-Benetti particularly counts of the rich Chinese, proved by Ocean Paradise itself.

Written by Sonia Prus

July 22, 2013

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Things to Consider When Chartering a Yacht Jul 04

Getting away on a yacht with your family or friends is a fun vacation idea. Although, just like land-based vacations, you have to consider many things in order to find the right yacht, and make your vacation a success. Here are some of them:

chartering a yacht

Budget is something that is too important to miss. Remember that there are a lot of agencies that offer charter services around the world. It’s easy to get confused with this variation, so the best thing to do is to look out yachts through their rates. This can narrow down your list, making your decision making easier than you imagined it to be. Word to the wise, though: don’t go for a big yacht if your group is under fifteen. The bigger the yacht, the more it will cost.

Kinds of yacht
As part of the planning process, you will have to decide on which kind of yacht that you will use for your trip. Learn about the different kinds of yacht available first. Then, pick the yacht that can accommodate the specific requirements of your group. “These (sailing) yachts are great for a family holiday, a fun adventure with friends as well as racing charters. It is also possible to charter a few sailing yachts to accommodate larger groups for flotillas or team building activities,” says

Obviously, the yacht that you will rent will serve as your home during your sea adventure. So, as much as possible, you want it to be as comfortable and safe as possible. Find out if the yacht has the amenities that you would expect to see such as full kitchen, entertainment center, and Jacuzzi, among others. Wi-Fi is another essential offering that you should not overlook.

Having Wi-Fi access while on board allows you to become updated about news from the mainland, including lottery results. New lottery winners Richard and Cathy Brown can attest to this claim. On the sixth day of their 10-week sailing trip around Britain, the retired couple found out through an app that their numbers came up, and that they have £6,123,395 winnings. Aside from apps, you can also visit with a stable internet connection. This website features the latest lottery numbers from all of the major lottery draws worldwide, which means that regardless of your location, you can access the results back home even while in the middle of the sea.

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Basic Tips for Yachting Novices Apr 17

yachting novices

Are you just taking to the seas of your own accord for the first time? In that case, there’s probably a lot you don’t know, even if you’ve taken a course or two. Even if you think you know everything, there is more than likely going to be something you’ve missed, and even the most prepared of sailors can easily overlook one or two small things.

Here is a small list of some handy sailing tips – they can be useful for rookies and veterans alike, so read up and head out onto open waters more prepared!

Choose Your Waters Wisely

If you’re just starting out and not yet familiar with some of the basics of sailing, possibly the most important thing to do is to make sure that you always choose to sail in calm waters, preferably with few other boaters around.

You want light winds and minimal traffic – this will make things easier and less stressful for you while you’re getting to grips with the ins and outs of sailing.

Bigger Ain’t Better

A small boat is much easier to handle, and uses fewer sails and lines, meaning you’ll be able to captain it with less difficulty. A smaller dinghy is easier to manoeuver – don’t get cocky and try to steer a massive boat.

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What is the most Suitable Hyundai Vehicle for the Yacht Owners? Apr 08

Did You Know That Hyundai Produces Yachts?

Hyundai Yacht

Hyundai Group started the Hyundai Yacht business in 1975 as Kyungil Yacht Industry Co. Ltd.ith the establishment of ASAN Chung Ju-yung, Hyundai Group founder. The project continued in the company “Special Ships Operation Division of Hyundai Precision & Industrial Co. Ltd”, “Hyundai Life Boats Co. and Hyundai Yachts Co., Ltd.

Hyundai Yacht 01

This company is the first yacht manufacturer in the Korean history. They started to build sailing yachts from 33 – 44 feet, as well as “Sonata” motor yachts models 3100 and 5300. The first sailboat that officially crossed the Pacific Ocean in 1980 was named “Bluebird”. This boat proved the yacht building capability in Korea in general.

Hyundai Yacht 02

Hyundai Yacht is the company that now builds the model “Asan 45” in cooperation with “Prince Yacht Design, Inc.” a yacht design and marine-engineering office based in Wisconsin U.S. This company won the U.S. National Marine Manufacturers Association award in 1996.

Hyundai Yacht 03

Before he has founded his company, the owner Bill Prince worked for the yacht designer Michael Peters, Island Packet Yachts as well as the America’s Cup winner Ted Hood.

Bill Prince has created compelling designs for yachts from 9 to 60 meters (30-feet to 197-feet) with unique, modern and classic designs in both power and sail yachts.
Hyundai Asan 62 Model is designed by Bill Prince Yacht Design, Inc., like the 1st yacht with truly innovative and proven pod-propulsion systems available today.

This yacht posses advanced powertrain and different mechanical systems integrated neatly under the cockpit, high performance hull and luxurious 2-level interior, full beam main salon with the largest hullside-windows in any yacht under 30-meter (100-feet), 3 staterooms and 3 heads on 1 level, luxury sky lounge together with a wet bar and additional head on the second level. The interior of this yacht promises privacy, luxury and sophistication previously unseen on a yacht from this size.

Hyundai yacht 04

What Hyundai car is More Suitable for the Yacht Owners? Grand Santa Fe or Equus?

1. Hyundai Grand Santa Fe

Charming Hyundai Grand Santa Fe is premium vehicle and sophisticated, with extraordinary comfort and great performance with the last state of Hyundai’s art technologies.
hyundai grand santa fe
This SUV is positioned in between the D-SUV and S – SUV segment to meet the customers’ demands for more premiums SUV with a lot of space and competitive price.
This SUV is completely new concept of vehicle with more voluminous surface and stronger balanced lines based on the original Hyundai “Storm Edge” concept from the smaller Santa Fe (Sport) and new stylish, convenient premium interior.
The powertrain of the vehicle is very exciting. There are 3 types of engines that can be installed under the hood: 3.3-liter Lambda II GDI -294hp/6,400, than 3.3-liter Lambda II MPI-270hp/6,400 – V6 engine, 3.0-liter Lambda II GDI-264 hp/6,400, and 2.2-liter R-VGT CRDi-197hp/3,800 –4-cylinder diesel engine with highly efficient turbo charger. Read more on Grand Santa Fe Overview.

hyundai grand santa fe 1
2013 Hyundai Santa Fe dashboard
2013 Hyundai Santa Fe space cabin

2. Hyundai Equus

With a lot of cutting edge premium features, new GDi engines and developed stylish exterior and interior, Hyundai will challenge more established competitors’ brand from Germany and Japan.
The New Equus (Centennial) experienced exterior changes trough the face lifting, but redesigned stylish dashboard and improved comfort on front and rear seats shows new look inside. Hyundai improved the noise reduction and cabin became ultra quiet.
equus 4
In the new Hyundai Equus a lot of premium features are integrated: head Up display, blind-spot detection system, haptic steering wheel put this hi-class luxury sedan to the top of this car’s segment according to the newest technology.
Hyundai’s brand direction “Modern Premium” truly enhanced the new Hyundai Equus (Centennial) with more sophisticated technology, comfort and luxury.
The power train of new Hyundai Equus are these 2 engines: Lambda 3.8 V6 engine with 334 ps and TAU 5.0 V8 engine available with 8-speed automatic transmission with 430 ps, top sped 240 km/h and 5.8 sec. 0-60mph (0-100 km/h). Read more on Equus (Centennial) Overview.
equus 3
equus 2
equus 1

Read more Hyundai News on:

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Five Natural Wonders of Bali Nov 20

The island nation of Bali is famous for its beautiful scenery, amazing wildlife, and rich culture. There are many temples, parks, and festivals for visitors to experience all year round, but for those who like to explore nature, Bali also boasts some of the most spectacular mountains, lakes, and beaches in the world. It may take some time and planning to see them, but venturing into nature while in Bali is one thing that no visitor will forget.

natural wonders of bali

1. Mt. Batur

The more accessible of Bali‘s two dominant active volcanos, Mt. Batur can still require a bit of stamina. Many tourists are passionate about the hike at sunrise, which starts at 3 or 4 am. You’ll need a guide to take you to the top, but once you get there, the amazing views of the sunrise over the adjacent Lake Batur are something to remember forever. There are also cycling tours to the mountain, but it’s not advisable to go without a guide, and you want to make sure there is no forecasted volcanic activity, as it could get dangerous!

2. Banjar Hot Springs

Bali has many different hot springs, but one of the most popular and most beautiful is Banjar, in the north. You do have to pay an entry fee to get in, but then you reach three large baths of sulfur water that you can soak in, under the dragon spouts and surrounding tropical garden. The lush jungle location is a steep climb from Banjar Village, or it can be reached by motorbike taxi.

3. Gitgit Waterfall

Also located in the northern regions of Bali, near the old island capital of Singaraja, this famous waterfall is reached by a steep and winding road that diverges into two paths. The falls are surrounded by coffee and clove trees, and you can often see wild monkeys and birds as you walk through the misty air towards the water. The area of the falls is surrounded by rain forest, and local children can be found playing in the waters.

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Enjoy Holiday Vacations in Perth with Cheap Air Tickets Nov 08

The city on beach framed by Indian Ocean, Perth is one of the most populated cities of Australia located on the banks of Swan River. The city has blessed with clean blue water, parks and green areas, blue sky, Gold Refinery and much more by Mother Nature. To experience this kind of adventure in your holiday, it will not be difficult to find Cheap Flights to Perth Australia from London.

Perth region, Australia

The city has no lack of sky high buildings, diverse range of wineries, commercial centers, Markets, Shopping malls. All these amusements can easily witness by discounted flight tickets to Perth. This city shares a calm wonderful beach view that shows the purity still lies in the nature.

One may visit Perth Mint, Australia’s only gold refinery and one of the largest Gold and Silver Producers of the world. It offers an exhibition and demonstration to the visitors. It might be the once in a lifetime opportunity for any one to witness the production of gold and silver.

AQWA or Aquarium of Western Australia is west Australia’s top most underwater Marine that showcases the amazing and unbelievable underwater life. The AQWA opens daily 10 AM and people can visit there to witness the incredible show.

Perth has now become the most popular tourist destinations of Australia due to its spectacular view of green, Kings Park spread in 1003 acre, beach, Gold Refinery, and much more. One can enjoy the delight with Low Budget Flights to Perth with Crystal Travel a renowned travel agency in UK. Along with that Perth also has the business hub of Australia the Central Business District linked with the suburbs of Perth.

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How to Buy a Yacht – Earn Money Quickly With Forex! Nov 08

Acquiring a new yacht needs either building a new construction, or buying brokerage. For many buyers the brokerage option is ideal since a yacht purchase on the brokerage market allows faster acquisition of a yacht, and financial savings. The best step for buyers is finding a reputable yacht broker to guide, advice, research legal, technical and logistical factors.

forex trading

Different types of yachts are available for you on this site, but choosing the right one takes time and attention. We offer you yachts that are available immediately. The entire yacht purchase process from selection to sea trials can be completed in a few weeks to a few months.

There are many reasons for you to buy a yacht. Some of them are:
– To have a means to access international waters
– Be better than anyone else
– Start your own stories
– Owning a yacht can give you a sense of dignity and respectability
– Improve the quality of your life
– New and better experiences
– Vacations whenever you feel like it, on your vacation home that moves
– Exploring new places
– Life can be so simple when you are on a yacht
– Being in the middle of the sea with people you choose to be with is priceless, relaxing, romantic, peaceful, exciting, in other words incomparable and unique.

This unique experience can be yours. Life is short and you deserve it. Now everyone of you can have a yacht. If you are wondering how, the answer is simple, FOREX TRADING.

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Why Should You Book A Ski Chalet Holiday Aug 17

If you are planning to go on a vacation around the snow and want an adventurous touch to it, Ski chalet holidays are the best way to go about it. Ski Chalets are the best way to get you around the slopes in a classy style. A big Ski chalet, shared with a lot of different people has a lot of different advantages if you are planning a memorable vacation. Ski Chalets are cost effective, beautiful and great for families. In this article, we will discuss some similar benefits of booking Ski chalets when you plan to go on a holiday.

Benefits of Booking Ski Chalets

Ski Chalet Holiday

1) Cost effective – Most of the luxury skiing chalets can easily accommodate about twenty to thirty people. This way, you will be able to cut down a lot of costs. Check in to a hotel room may give you some privacy, but you will have to spend a lot of money on various things. If you are a newly married couple or maybe survive on the pocket money which you get from your parents, booking a ski chalet would be the best and most economical option for you.

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Coaches in London : Benefits and Precautions Aug 13

Hiring a coach is the best medium of transport if you are dealing with guests to a party or marriage, or maybe a business delegation. Most of the coaches in London provide you with more facilities and make the travellers feel relaxed. Lots of friends and families are invited during a marriage or perhaps a big party. Cars are not sufficient to handle all the guests and coaches are the best choice. In fact, most of the tourists visiting London as a group also hire coaches so that they can easily travel throughout the city without much difficulty. Most of the coaches also provide guides and city tours at very affordable rates.

Coaches in London

Individual cars do not guarantee that all your guests will reach a specific place at a specific time. However, coaches are reliable as they will drop your guests to the destination together. In fact, most of the coach hire services in London make sure that the guest arrive on time. They are picked up from pick up points, dropped at their destination and again picked up after the event, before being dropped at their homes.


Benefits of Hiring Coaches in London


1) The major benefit of hiring a coach is that all the guest arrive together at the same time. So, you do not have to make special arrangements for everyone.

2) Most of the time, people lose their way when they travel to an unknown place. Coaches make sure that you never get lost or lose track of time. Moreover, experienced drivers make sure that you are not stuck in traffic jams etc.

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