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How to Make Your Yacht Feel More Like Your Home Dec 24

Whether you’re cruising around the Caribbean, watching ice floes off the coast of Alaska, or having a little offshore party near your home port, your yacht can start to feel like an endless excursion on a floating hotel after a while. And while this may hold some appeal during short vacations, a cruise lasting longer than a few days could have you missing the comforts of home. Even a nicely appointed vessel still has portholes for windows and a yard made of saltwater. Luckily, there are all kinds of ways to make your home away from home feel a little more, well, homey. Here are just a few tips that will leave your water-bound pleasure craft so comfortably familiar that you’ll never want to return to the mainland.

yacht interior

The first thing you could do, if you’re so inclined, is create rooms aboard your ship that mimic rooms in your home. For example, the mattress and headboard that you love in your rural residence can be purchased and placed in the bedroom of your yacht, as well. You could even configure it in the same way, with a television affixed over the fireplace, a couple of chairs in the corner, and even a walk-in closet on the left-hand side of the bed, just where it is at home. Okay, so it won’t be exactly the same since the dimensions of your yacht are likely a little smaller than those in your home. But you can get a rough approximation so that you don’t wake up each morning wondering where the heck you are.

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Heidi Klum and Seal on a Vacation on Indian Empress Superyacht Aug 11

The thirty-seven year old supermodel and host of popular reality television show Project Runway set sail on a fabulous, luxury yacht with her family of four children and superstar, singer husband Seal.  The family boarded the impressively sized yacht in the South of France and cruised in style down the coast of Italy.

The yacht, dubbed Indian Empress, is listed as being one of the world’s largest motor super-yachts and is owned by Indian-born billionaire Vijay Mallya.  Mallya is a liquor baron and is son of the industrialist Vittal Mallya.  Vijay Mallya is the Chairman of the United Breweries Group and Kingfisher Airlines, boasting an almost inconceivable net worth of over one billion dollars.

Indian Empress yacht or superyacht

heidi klum seal greetings from their yacht

Heidi Klum Seal on yacht friends jumping off

Heidi Clum, friends victorias secret supermodels

Mallya’s famed Indian Empress measures an amazing three hundred and eleven feet and can hold up to thirty-two guests accompanied by forty-two crew members.  Inside the phenom-of-a-yacht hangs original masterpieces by the lauded Renoir and Chagall.  The boat even sports a garage, which parked inside are two lovely Mercedes-Benz.

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Politics in Yachting: John Kerry Causes a Row Aug 10

Massachusetts Senator John Kerry’s love of taxation is fairly robust, even for a Democrat.  He has often expounded upon the virtues of allowing the government to take a larger bite of every private citizen’s paycheck in order to stimulate the economy of our great nation (since individuals cannot be trusted to invest in America or make spending decisions that are in step with government agendas).  And while he has diligently upheld taxation in his own state, he has recently come under attack for dodging the very taxes he supports again and again, in particular, one that centers on yacht ownership.

John Kerry yacht Isabel

That’s right: Senator John Kerry owns a yacht.  “Isabel” is a 76-foot pleasure craft that apparently set Kerry back a whopping $7 million dollars.  Somehow it just doesn’t seem fair that public servants can afford such luxury, but it appears that marrying up and financing a campaign with the assets of a big-brand heiress can get just about anyone elected.  In any case, people are allowed to live as they please, hopefully within their means, and Kerry clearly has the means to purchase a yacht, so more power to him.  And yet, there is a catch.

John Kerrys yacht

John Kerrys yacht

John Kerry after winning votes

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Celebrity Yacht Vacations This Summer Aug 05

The hottest trend this year in celebrity summer vacays seems to be leading our favorite entertainment, music, and sports stars out to the high seas.  Rather than jet setting to the most exotic or tropical summer locale, celebrities this summer are enjoying the bounty of the sea and the beauty of the world’s coastlines vis a vis renting out luxury yachts.  In true celebrity fashion, not only do they get to cruise around the world’s oceans, but they get to ride in style aboard these super and mega yachts, steaming in the sauna or swimming in the pool as they pull into port.

The Beckham’s, famed soccer star David and lauded singer Victoria “Posh,” have caught the yachting bug.  The couple borrowed designer Roberto Cavalli’s self-named one hundred and thirty-three foot yacht to enjoy their summer, family vacation.  The yacht is estimated to be worth about thirty two million dollars and has also been rented out to other more than familiar faces like Jennifer Lopez, Sharon Stone, and Mariah Carey.  And like the ship’s owner, the ship itself stands out amongst the crowd – painted in iridescent shades of purple, gold, and green.  And the inside matches the outside, furniture decorated in conflicting animal prints and covered with the designer’s monogram.

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A Royal Yacht Gets the Royal Treatment Jul 20

A Royal Yacht Gets the Royal Treatment

If you’ve been interested in boating for awhile, you have probably heard of the Britannia (officially a yacht of the Royal Fleet, unofficially Scotland’s best visitor attraction).  And while it is the most famous floater in the fleet, known to house royal dignitaries from time to time, it is not the only boat that has been owned and loved by Britain’s elite aristocracy.  A lesser known (and smaller) yacht, the Bloodhound, was once a part of this illustrious cadre of boats, and while it was subsequently sold (again and again), eventually falling into disrepair and the annals of yachting history, the once great ship that won many a race has received a face-lift and a second chance at glory, thanks to one devoted couple.

The life of this yacht began in 1936 when it was built by Camper and Nicholson’s for an American lover-of-all-things-English, Ike Bell, who named the boat Bloodhound in honor of his post as Master of the Wiltshire Hounds.  The 63-foot long racing vessel served its owner well, allowing him to enjoy great success racing in both the south of England and Bermuda until 1962, when it was bought by Prince Phillip and added to the Royal Fleet.  In addition to winning several races with his 12-man crew (including the famous Cowes Week regatta), the Prince sailed it alongside the Britannia on the family’s yearly cruise to the Western Isles, subsequently using the old girl to teach Prince Charles and Princess Anne to sail.  The Bloodhound was not only used in the service of the crown, though.  Throughout its tenure in the Royal Fleet, it was also loaned out to yachting clubs with a 3-man crew to teach other youngsters how to sail (thousands, in fact), and spread the culture that the princes and princesses of the country adored.

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Five Must-Have Service Professionals for Every Yacht Jul 16

Now that you’ve got your dream cruiser, built to entertain like the floating pleasure palaces of ancient Rome, you’re ready to take your little boat out for a test run.  Or are you?  You’ve had it outfitted to your lengthy specifications.  From state-of-the-art guest rooms equipped with the latest technological gadgetry to a swanky 1920s-style art deco lounge to a luxurious deck lined with Adirondack chairs, you’ve thought of everything to host on the water with class and style.  Wet bar?  Check.  Top-shelf liquor?  Check.  Enough supplies to keep the party going until Armageddon (and the will to do so)?  Check and check!  There’s only one thing missing…who’s going to pour the drinks?  If you seem to have left service out of the equation when planning your party boat, never fear.  Here are a few service professionals that can benefit any yacht-owner.

Five Must Have Yachts Service Professionals for Every Yacht

  1. Maid.  If you’re going to be out to sea with guests for any length of time, you certainly don’t want to leave the state of their staterooms up to them.  So hire on a maid to do the laundry, make the beds, and keep you and your guests supplied with clean linens (you’re going to go through a lot of towels taking dips all day in the warm, blue waters of whatever tropical paradise you happen to be in at any given time).
  2. Chef.  Nothing will ruin your fun faster than a lack of edible entertainment.  Sure, you can serve Ramen noodles every night of the week, but if you want to cater to expectant guests, you’re going to need cuisine that’s heavier on the brie than the government cheese.  So order up a five-star chef (they can’t all have restaurants of their own) and staff to keep your guests ooh-ing and ah-ing over dessert instead of tossing it in the ocean.  And while a chef may be pressed into service as a waiter, you might want to consider a separate bartended if you plan to party quite a bit.
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The Strand Craft Super Yacht Goes Completely Overboard Jun 18

Strand Craft, the well-known manufacturer of elite classic-style boats enhanced by modern technology, has announced their latest offering, the Strand Craft 122 Yacht: gorgeous, expensive, and almost entirely unattainable.  At a cost of $24 million (£17 million), and with only six slated for production, it’s going to be harder to get your hands on one of these than the coveted Bugatti Veyron, and with a ridiculously steep price point, it caters to only the most extravagant spenders.  So what can you expect from a yacht that costs more than a mansion?

Strand Craft Super Yacht

You start with 122 feet of sleek, sexy, streamlined exterior.  This thing seriously looks like a stealth plane sitting on the water.  Inside, you’ll find a stylish art deco interior that hearkens back to the lavish lifestyle of the roaring ‘20s, four large double staterooms, and spacious salon and receptions areas to fit your entertainment bill (and 52-inch LED TVs and superior sound systems provided by Bang and Olufson in every room are sure to meet the media needs of your guests).  Bonus: this thing even sports bulletproof windows

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Celebrity Yachts, Yachting Locations and Luxury Resorts May 09

Celebrity Yachts Yachting Locations Luxury Resorts

Everyone likes to go on vacation, especially the rich and famous. But the class and service of a 5-star resort can become tedious and boring. Often these getaways are littered with fans and paparazzi, which is a terrible burden when trying to relax and unwind. Much like everything else in their lives, the rich and famous tend to go overboard when they’re on vacation. In order to receive the utmost privacy and luxury, they’re happy to spend time – and money, lots of money – on luxury yachts. On board these behemoth’s they can holiday in their favorite exotic destinations while enjoying the privacy they crave. Despite a week on a luxury yacht costing upwards of $100,000, celebrities love everything the yacht vacation has to offer.

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Eco-friendly Yacht, a contradiction in terms or reality? Apr 28

Emocean Marina Small Yachts Boats

When you hear the word yacht, several thoughts come to mind: luxury…affluence…beautiful women sunbathing and sipping mojitos amidst the shimmering cerulean waters of some equatorial heaven.  The yacht has long been a symbol of the lavish lifestyle that money can bring.  Certainly the majority of middle America has not added this item to their holiday wish list.  But one descriptor that most certainly does not pop into your head is “eco-friendly”.  Somehow, this term does not seem synonymous with the absolute opulence that one associates with yacht ownership.  And yet, after environmentally sound buildings and cars, green yachts seem like the next logical step.

And in fact, there are already several eco-friendly options available (or soon to be available) for those seeking their own private luxury liner with an emphasis on the environmentally sound.  So how do these floating palaces go green?  Some, like the Independence 60 motor yacht (, do it old school (like millions of years old) by running on solar power (plus, the hull is made entirely of 100% recyclable aluminum).  Island Pilot LLC also utilizes solar power with their DSe Hybrid 12m (, although it can fall back on clean-ish options like diesel and electric when needed.

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