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What does it take to become a high-paid yacht salesman? Jul 26

yacht broker and sales person

There are many people who choose careers not only for the financial benefit, but also for some other things in the profession. For some people it is important the surrounding, for others a company and coworkers and for somebody the most important thing is what kind of people he will meet during his working hours.

Knowing all this it s not a surprise the fact that many people with sales experience in some other industries are choosing to make a career change and are deciding to look for a job as a yacht or boat salesman. This is not only for the bigger commissions, but also it is important to work in a pleasant surrounding so they are moving from their birthplace to more suitable locations. Working as a yacht broker you will not only have a good or even excellent financial benefit, but also you will work in beautiful surroundings and with easy going people who exactly knows what they are need. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Steps to A Safer Holiday Dec 05

5 Steps to A Safer Holiday

5 Steps to A Safer Holiday

When it comes to heading off on holidays, most people are concerned with having the most fun possible in the short amount of time they were able to get away for. Whether you like to spend your holidays taking jet boat rides around shallow rivers or luxuriating on secluded beaches, one thing is for certain: accidents, injuries and mishaps are sure to put a dampener on the fun you’re having, so check out our 5 steps to making sure you have a safe—and fabulous—holiday!

  1. Be Prepared

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