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Billionaire Paul Allen selling his super yacht for huge £125million May 26

Paul Allen, the 57-year old co-founder of the gigantic Microsoft and a former school friend of the famous computer genius Bill Gates offered Tatoosh, a 301 ft yacht which he bought for £75.000.000 ten years ago with a price so high that has never been seen on the open sales market before – amazing 125 million pounds . The 57 year old millionaire gave instructions to a yacht broker from Florida to offload the vessel and chose this yacht broker to offer this yacht at the open sales market. This yacht is ranked among the 26 largest yachts in the world and is fully equipped with up-to-date assets including heli-pads on the stern of the ship. Its 2300 tone-weight vessel has the capacity of catering up to 20 guests and its staff has 30 members.

Octopus Paul Allen superyacht

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Celebrity Yachts, Yachting Locations and Luxury Resorts May 09

Celebrity Yachts Yachting Locations Luxury Resorts

Everyone likes to go on vacation, especially the rich and famous. But the class and service of a 5-star resort can become tedious and boring. Often these getaways are littered with fans and paparazzi, which is a terrible burden when trying to relax and unwind. Much like everything else in their lives, the rich and famous tend to go overboard when they’re on vacation. In order to receive the utmost privacy and luxury, they’re happy to spend time – and money, lots of money – on luxury yachts. On board these behemoth’s they can holiday in their favorite exotic destinations while enjoying the privacy they crave. Despite a week on a luxury yacht costing upwards of $100,000, celebrities love everything the yacht vacation has to offer.

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