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Politics in Yachting: John Kerry Causes a Row Aug 10

Massachusetts Senator John Kerry’s love of taxation is fairly robust, even for a Democrat.  He has often expounded upon the virtues of allowing the government to take a larger bite of every private citizen’s paycheck in order to stimulate the economy of our great nation (since individuals cannot be trusted to invest in America or make spending decisions that are in step with government agendas).  And while he has diligently upheld taxation in his own state, he has recently come under attack for dodging the very taxes he supports again and again, in particular, one that centers on yacht ownership.

John Kerry yacht Isabel

That’s right: Senator John Kerry owns a yacht.  “Isabel” is a 76-foot pleasure craft that apparently set Kerry back a whopping $7 million dollars.  Somehow it just doesn’t seem fair that public servants can afford such luxury, but it appears that marrying up and financing a campaign with the assets of a big-brand heiress can get just about anyone elected.  In any case, people are allowed to live as they please, hopefully within their means, and Kerry clearly has the means to purchase a yacht, so more power to him.  And yet, there is a catch.

John Kerrys yacht

John Kerrys yacht

John Kerry after winning votes

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A Royal Yacht Gets the Royal Treatment Jul 20

A Royal Yacht Gets the Royal Treatment

If you’ve been interested in boating for awhile, you have probably heard of the Britannia (officially a yacht of the Royal Fleet, unofficially Scotland’s best visitor attraction).  And while it is the most famous floater in the fleet, known to house royal dignitaries from time to time, it is not the only boat that has been owned and loved by Britain’s elite aristocracy.  A lesser known (and smaller) yacht, the Bloodhound, was once a part of this illustrious cadre of boats, and while it was subsequently sold (again and again), eventually falling into disrepair and the annals of yachting history, the once great ship that won many a race has received a face-lift and a second chance at glory, thanks to one devoted couple.

The life of this yacht began in 1936 when it was built by Camper and Nicholson’s for an American lover-of-all-things-English, Ike Bell, who named the boat Bloodhound in honor of his post as Master of the Wiltshire Hounds.  The 63-foot long racing vessel served its owner well, allowing him to enjoy great success racing in both the south of England and Bermuda until 1962, when it was bought by Prince Phillip and added to the Royal Fleet.  In addition to winning several races with his 12-man crew (including the famous Cowes Week regatta), the Prince sailed it alongside the Britannia on the family’s yearly cruise to the Western Isles, subsequently using the old girl to teach Prince Charles and Princess Anne to sail.  The Bloodhound was not only used in the service of the crown, though.  Throughout its tenure in the Royal Fleet, it was also loaned out to yachting clubs with a 3-man crew to teach other youngsters how to sail (thousands, in fact), and spread the culture that the princes and princesses of the country adored.

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Top 5 technologically advanced yachts and superyachts Jun 24

Yachts today are the motor watertight homes of many wealthy individuals and this is no surprise since from the end of the 16th century until today, these sailing homes have experienced long and eventful history of constant development which is the reason why from sailing boats with the purpose of transport of the Dutch navy in the late 16th century, they have become luxurious resorts that could be afforded by very few.

Aside from the luxurious features, this period of constant improvement has made them the most technologically advanced beauties the seas and oceans have ever seen. This is the reason why it is logical to seek for the top 5 technologically advanced yachts in the newer models of the renowned yacht manufacturers.

1.) The first on our list is a member of the Bentley family. Bentley as a yacht manufacturer is known to bring the most technologically advanced pieces in the yacht industry. Each and every manufacture from this company is well known for the advanced military hull, completely equipped to provide the smoothest ride first of all thanks to the computerized motion control system and all of them are proven to beat the yachts from all other manufacturers, no matter the current sea conditions.

Bentley Super Yacht Gemini 192

Bentley Super Yacht Gemini 192

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Protective eyewear, the best accessory investment on your boat Jun 10

Eyeglasses should by no means be forgotten when yachting or sailing. We are saying this because when sailing or yachting, we always tend not to forget the important pieces of accessories which will both make us look better and feel safe and protected. The most important of these is a nice protective pair of eyeglasses.

However, when we talk about eyeglasses, we are talking about eyeglasses in general, whether it would be a nice pair of yachting sunglasses or prescription glasses really depends on the conditions and your current needs.

yachting glasses

If you have the need of wearing eyeglasses, that is to say, you have a vision anomaly, no matter how small and insignificant your diagnosis at the optometrist is, you are more than obliged to wear them. Not seeing things right at the open sea might endanger both your life and the lives of the people around you. There are many designers that have dedicated at least one of their many eyeglasses collections to this very essential group for the wellbeing of everybody – sailing or yachting high-protective eyewear.

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The perks of fractional yacht ownership Jun 02

We are sure that many of you dream to spend at least a month or two enjoying the perks of yachting, but it has all been dreaming so far since you simply cannot afford it. Well, here is good news. You should stop dreaming since here, at you can make your dream come true with the help of fractional ownership.

SmartYacht Fractional yacht ownership

To find out about the perks of yacht fractional ownership we will first have to define the term fractional ownership. Fractional ownership is a partial share of something (mostly) expensive, between two or more fractional owners. In contrast to timeshare models, fractional ownership goes along with a real ownership, coming along with the right to trade and sell it as you please and get some money back. The most common forms of fractional ownership are aircrafts, however fractional ownership for luxury motor cruisers and yachts, property and supercars are becoming more popular! Fractional ownership means both sharing the enjoyment and costs over one of the products mentioned above. The financial benefits of fractional yacht ownership versus conventional ownership and charter are obvious: You simply mitigate your risk and save money in areas like acquisition, maintenance, management or mooring. With conventional yacht ownership, budgets usually dictate the size of the yacht you will own, whereas with fractional ownership, you enjoy a much larger yacht of a higher standard with that same budget. Moreover you can mostly take advantage of a professional management taking care of all the hassles of yachting, so you can really enjoy your precious leisure time on board.

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Top 3 Super Yachts to have Sex on Jun 01

01.) Lakshmi Mittal’s Newest SuperYacht carries a name Amevi and is a perfect yacht for your dream party and casual sex adventures.

02.) Carlos Slim Superyacht can make your day and night! With all the facilities featured inside, like a large cinema, heli-pads, dozens of luxury guest apartments, spa and fitness centers, it is clearly unmatched in style and elegance. Carlos Slim is the richest man in the world as of April 2010, and certainly he can afford to own and operate this kind of yacht.

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Celebrity Yachts, Yachting Locations and Luxury Resorts May 09

Celebrity Yachts Yachting Locations Luxury Resorts

Everyone likes to go on vacation, especially the rich and famous. But the class and service of a 5-star resort can become tedious and boring. Often these getaways are littered with fans and paparazzi, which is a terrible burden when trying to relax and unwind. Much like everything else in their lives, the rich and famous tend to go overboard when they’re on vacation. In order to receive the utmost privacy and luxury, they’re happy to spend time – and money, lots of money – on luxury yachts. On board these behemoth’s they can holiday in their favorite exotic destinations while enjoying the privacy they crave. Despite a week on a luxury yacht costing upwards of $100,000, celebrities love everything the yacht vacation has to offer.

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Luxury Mega Yachts, Custom Luxury Mega Yachts Mar 10

Luxury Mega Yachts and Custom Luxury Mega Yachts explained from my viewpoint…Maybe the following Mega Yachts Pictures will give you some idea how to choose your future custom luxury mega yacht to look like:

Luxury Mega Yachts, Custom Luxury Mega Yachts

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Gulf yacht sales group – Gulf yacht sales Mar 09

Gulf yacht sales are always on the rise….I’m speaking about the information that we got from the Gulf yacht sales group located in Dubai. Many people would think that with the current situation and financial crisis, yacht sales will be affected, but in fact, it is just the opposite…

Gulf Yacht Sales Group Gulf Yacht Sales

Gulf Yacht Sales Group Gulf Yacht Sales

Gulf Yacht Sales Group Gulf Yacht Sales

Gulf Sales Group notified us that there is an almost 10 percentage rise in gulf yachts sales and even more in SuperYacht market….

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